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Latest Fiberglass Sun Shade For Summers | Fiberglass Sheets Suppliers

And fiberglass baths by Mega Engineering Services Lahore in, a premier Business to Business market and biggest online business directory. Locate Fiberglass Cabins homes, safety check articles, rooms, porcelain baths from Pakistan basis & contact info accessibility Furniture & Furnishings products.  This page provides information about this product’s sellers to you.  It allows communicating with buyers and sellers.  It can also facilitate the buyers to buy the product at reasonable prices.

Fiberglass Sheets Production

Size: 12 ft. X 14.5 ft. Height: 2 ft. to 7 feet (Taper) Wall & Roof Panels: 2″ thick such as Steel Structure and coated of Thermo- pore sheets to be glued in wall panels.  The internal end of wall panels is exterior, and plain finish is in Sharp edged.  Windows: One put in the rear side, steel windows painted with color.  Door: 6 ft. X 2.5 feet with handle lock.  Bracket Fan: at partitions 02 Nos.   Complete External Electricity Fitting Color: Yellow with tiled or as per the requirement of customer. The unit has grout-able supports for installation on the website.

fiberglass shade

Product Specifications Wall & Roof Panels: 4″ thick including Steel Structure and coated of Thermo- pore sheets to be pasted in walls.  The internal finish of wall panels is both plain, and the External finish is Sharpe.

Fiberglass sheets suppliers

Windows: One set in the front and two in the backside, two sites that are left and two sides, steel dividers painted with color.  Door: 6 ft. X ft together with handle lock.  Bracket Fan: at walls 02 Nos.   Complete External Electricity Fitting Color: Unit or as per demand White includes grout-able supports for installation at the website. Fiberglass Cabins and External Sheet FRP Sheet 2mm Corrugated/Plain MS Sheet fixed with riveting or welding process. Primer coat followed by high-quality anti-rust paint of the desired color. 3″ Fiberglass Sun Shade Thermo pore filling next to it for insulation from weathering effects. Steel compacted structure of MS sq. Pipe or angles to contain insulated substance and holding external casing sheets. MDF/insulated PVC Texture top strength sheet on the inner side of the prefab structure.

Fiberglass Sun Shade

High durability anti-skid floors with water-resistant characteristics. Underground electrical wiring together with lightning and ceiling/bracket enthusiast arrangement. VIP Sanitary Fittings with 04 nos. Urine with Muslim hair arrangement. Aluminum ventilator using the Exhaust system.

fiberglass shade

LightWeight Grout capable structure on the floor (6″ full of the story). Wash Basins with accessories.Total Electric Fitting underground. Roof ceiling system with exquisite texture with the light arrangement. Toilet with a succession with privacy with commode and Indian Latrine with Muslim Shower arrangement. Entire floor with anti-skid Flooring. Energy savers. Best quality locks.

Guard Cabins For Sunshade

Wall & Roof Panels: 2?  Insulated of Thermo and thick, including Steel Structure – pore sheets.  The internal finish of the wall panels is ugly, and the External end is sharp-edged. Windows: One set at the front and two at the backside, steel windows adorned with silver color. Door: 6 ft. X 2.5 ft with handle lock. Bracket Fan: at opposite partitions 02 Nos. Complete External Electricity Fitting Colour: Yellow with hardwood tiled or as per customer’s requirement. The unit has grout-able supports for installation at site. Electric Points supplied for tube lighting Circu-moving fan and an electric socket for some other assessors or computers. A small wall mounted table for office function.

Portable Cabin For sunshade

Produced in colors for an appealing appearance.  Customers’ selection of color is included.  We’re instrumental in manufacturing export quality fiberglass Portable Cabin which is worldwide appreciated because of their exceptional fire resistant capacities. These FRP Portable Cabins are used in infrastructure building processes, mining & construction industries, offshore tasks, defense industry, and for tackling huge shipping jobs. Main attributes of FRP Portable Cabin:- GRP-Glass augmented, Polyester hot pressed Molded, Portable folding cottage. At Karmod, we understand customers’ different needs, and this also helps us to provide Prefabricated office Cabin as peruse. Be it for building site offices or for archaeological websites or studios Prefabricated office Cabins can be manufactured to match client requirements.

Prefabricated Office Cabins

Besides making Prefabricated Office Cabins, our product range also comprises Website Office Cabin Portable Cabins and Toll Booth Cabin. Features of Prefabricated office Cabin:-Easy to set up at the site, Light in weight, easily uninstalled and hauled, Unaffected by weather conditions. Because of working professionals and the manufacturing facility, we can supply you a superior selection of GRP Security Cabins. The offered array is fabricated using premium grade raw materials and innovative machinery with the quality norms and criteria in complete adherence. In addition to this, the range that is offered can be found in customized layouts to cater to the requirements of clients.

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