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We bring you this week’s best sellers you won’t want to miss, there’s something for everyone with free delivery on all orders over £30 at Gift Discoveries.

Oriental Pagoda Water Feature – Coming Soon – Pre-Order Now!

Oriental Pagoda Water Feature - Coming Soon - Pre-Order Now!The fountain harnesses the power of the sun’s rays to draw water upwards in a continual cycle providing the relaxing sight and sound of gently splashing water whenever the sun shines. Simply position in direct sunlight, add water, then sit back and enjoy! Online Price £149.95

Magazine Storage Table – Coming Soon – Pre-Order Now!

Magazine Storage Table - Coming Soon - Pre-Order Now!Use this stylish table in a living room or at the side of the bed to provide useful compact storage. Online Price £99.95

Mini Jukebox

Mini JukeboxBring your music to life with this all-singing, all-dancing music centre that looks like a miniature jukebox. An eye-catching addition to any home, it is a must for anyone who eats, sleeps and drinks music! Online Price £149.95

No Tools Filing Cabinet

No Tools Filing CabinetKeep your office and household paperwork organised and easy to find using this handsome, wood veneered filing cabinet. More suited to the home than ugly, traditional grey metal cabinets, this unit is designed using a patented, no-tool quick assembly system. Online Price From £149.95

Heywood Watermill Solar Water Feature – Coming Soon – Pre-Order Now!

Heywood Watermill Solar Water Feature - Coming Soon - Pre-Order Now!Solar power brings this water feature to life, by harnessing the sun’s rays to pump water upwards in a continuous cycle. Simply position it in full sunlight and enjoy the sight and sound as this water feature brings ambience to your patio or garden. Online Price £129.95

Motorised Mini Exercise Bike

Motorised Mini Exercise BikeIdeal for gentle, low-impact exercise or rehabilitation, it will help build muscle strength, improve mobility, increase circulation and strengthen your cardiovascular system while toning calves and thighs. You can also put it on a table and pedal with your hands to tone up or rehabilitate arms and shoulders. Online Price £99.95

The Book of Light

The Book of LightThis elegant ‘book of light’ sits discreetly on a bedside table, book shelf or cabinet. But as the sun sets, open up the wooden cover, fan out the pages and an internal switch reveals a wonderful sculpture glowing with soft, ambient light. Online Was £49.95 Now £37.46

Total Painter Power Paint Sprayer – Coming Soon – Pre-Order Now!

Total Painter Power Paint Sprayer - Coming Soon - Pre-Order Now!With a large 800ml capacity, you don’t have to keep filling it up, and the powerful 900W motor makes fast work of large areas, covering an average door in under a minute! It’s the perfect DIY tool for all sorts of jobs indoors and out, and can be used with paint, stains and sealants. Online Price £69.95

iBeani iPad Tablet Cushion

iBeani iPad Tablet CushionThe award-winning iBeani® cushion is simply the best for versatility and comfort, and has received hundreds of rave reviews from users of all ages. Online Price £24.95

Neostar Perma-Therm Water Boiler

Neostar Perma-Therm Water BoilerThe 680W Perma-Therm Thermo Pot from Neostar® Electronics not only boils water but unlike a kettle it uses a measly 2W continuously to keep it hot all day long – meaning you don’t have to re-boil each time and you always have hot water on tap whenever you want it! Online Price From £59.95

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