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New “Made in Britain” Online Art Prints Business launches to brighten People’s Moods

Professional artist and designer Jayne Leighton Herd and her husband Laurent Stadelmann, who are based in Wokingham in Berkshire, have launched Claude & Leighton®, an online destination for high-quality, contemporary art prints, posters and wall decor.

They want to lift the mood of all those people who, in these very difficult pandemic times, are spending more time than ever within the walls of their homes. Often wanting to climb those walls in frustration! Laurent and Jayne want to help to personalise those walls with fantastic British designed and produced art.

More than that, Jayne and Laurent want to bring a smile of delight, a grin of humour, a wow moment. The satisfaction of having a piece of British design on the wall. And a layer of visual enjoyment in these challenging times of having to stay at home more than ever before.

Claude Leighton,

Laurent comments:

“I have seen many times how much pleasure Jayne’s art gives to people. We want to bring more smiles of joy to a greater audience during these difficult times.”

Claude & Leighton offers prints in a variety of genres, to enable people to enhance their homes and offices with expressions of style and personality. From abstracts and landscapes, to portraits and animal art, to fine art photography and typography.

Claude & Leighton is proud of its British design credentials. All art prints and posters are created and printed to the highest quality from its Berkshire print studio, and carefully packed in gift-ready, British-made recyclable packaging.

This new online business has been created as an outlet for professional artist Jayne’s other art and design. Over the last 15 years Jayne has been known for her original statement paintings. But behind the scenes, Jayne creates so much more.

Claude Leighton,

Jayne explains,

“I am always creating, experimenting, painting and designing in different genres and media. With a background in graphic design I also love digital art and composite photography.  Before now, people would only get to see my collections of originals, and a couple of particular styles. My official art, if you like. Now I’m so excited to share my other art and designs too, and I hope people will find pleasure in them.”

While Jayne is the creative force in the partnership, Laurent is the business mind and the catalyst for Claude & Leighton. For a long time he has felt that all of Jayne’s creative expression and skills deserved to be seen and enjoyed by others.

The name Claude & Leighton is formed from parts of Laurent and Jayne’s own names, and also honours two much-loved people who inspired them creatively and motivated them with their entrepreneurial spirits and work ethics: Jayne’s late mother Leigh, and Laurent’s late uncle Jean-Claude.

Explore Claude & Leighton’s art prints, posters and wall decor at

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