Tuesday, June 18, 2024

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New Picnic Cooler Bags for a Luxury Alfresco Setup

Heating & Plumbing London are extremely thrilled to launch their first ever collection of picnic cooler bags, Park Life!

Designed in London and made in India at a 90% female led workshop, the cooler bags are the essential summer accessory for picnic lovers and alfresco adventures!

Each bag is crafted from 100% sustainabley farmed cotton and finished with white vegan leather handles and design details.

Park Life cooler bags strike the ideal balance between size and portability. Tall enough to carry your favourite bottle and nibbles.

There are three distinct designs in the Park Life collection:

cooler bags

Park Life Green, is adorned with design inspired by the effervescence and features a stylish Champagne flute motif.

Park Life Grey with a polo mallet design, encapsulating the essence of timeless sport of Polo.

Park Life Orange with music notes, gracefully adoring the bag, adding a touch of artistic charm inspired by the enchanting Glyndebourne Festival.

cooler bags

Heating & Plumbing London creates beautiful lifestyle accessories to keep you warm, dry & cosy. No matter what’s going on in your busy life or how the weather might surprise you, colourful designs and touchy-feely materials will bring back a smile to your face and a spring in your step.

The idea of the brand came about on a chilly day in November 2016, whilst strolling along the Thames. The day turned out to be colder than expected and we started longing for a cosy fireplace, warm blankets and snug socks. And, just as it began raining, a heating & plumbing van parked in front of us, and voilà: the brand was born.

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