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Not all Birdhouses are Made Equal

The difficulty with most birdhouses made today is that they are come from poor quality wood that rots in a very short period of time or worse still made from dangerous and hazardous material not safe for the birds, a second difficulty is many birdhouse are made in countries with a dry and hot climate not suitable for damper colder climates and therefor have a very short life span. Many householders try to extend the lifetime of the birdhouse by painting it, which is often poorly done and sometimes done with unsuitable and toxic paints.

Cuckoos Garden
Raymond Kenny with two of his birdhouses, Thatched Cottage and The Red Chateau.

Initially bird feeding stations were simple platforms on which food was placed on and as time progressed householders desired to have these feeding stations for the garden birds made in the image of their own home or a house that once held a deep nostalgic meaning to them. We at the Cuckoos Garden manufacture a range of bird houses that cater for most garden birds we are familiar in our own gardens. The development of the idea of producing birdhouses made from a composite material came from a desire to make a safe, waterproof and maintenance free birdhouse. In fact, the idea initially came from seeking such a birdhouse for myself in the market and realizing that very little birdhouses met this criteria. Most birdhouses did not meet any criteria at all and in some cases were dangerous and hazardous to the birds and the environment.

Cuckoos Garden

Cuckoos Garden have worked in close consultation with bird specialists like BirdWatch Ireland during the development of our products to achieve the seal of approval in meeting the unique technical requirements for individual bird species. Most other birdhouses on the market are technically incorrect in size, security, insulation and predator control and offer little more than that of ornamental value. Our unique design offers insulated walls of that possess two and a half times the insulation value of timber, thus providing the ultimate cozy nesting home for the bird and her little chicks.

The materials used for the manufacture every one of our products are harmless to the birds and made from eco-friendly materials from a sustainable source. We have found that an overwhelming percentage of other products are not suitable for their purpose, made from containments like wood preservatives, harmful paints and materials that distract or frighten the birds.

Cuckoos Garden
Raymond Kenny’s Thatch Cottage Birdhouse

When you buy from the Cuckoos Garden, you can trust that you will have invested in a product that you can enjoy all year round with virtually zero maintenance for years to come. Sit back, enjoy your garden and feathered guests!

The Cuckoos Garden was founded in Ireland by Raymond Kenny who lives in Craughwell, Co. Galway and like most people shares a great love for nature, and his environment. Raymond has practiced as an Architect for over 30 Years, where creating a comfortable, sustainable and shared environment is part of everyday thinking.

It is easy to see that designing and manufacturing Birdhouses, Bird tables etc is not a departure for Raymond but an extension of his life’s long love of the design and Building for all of our inhabitants. Raymond is an active member of the local Tidy town committee in Craughwell where like most communities all over Ireland, caring for our homes, villages and our environment is foremost in his minds.

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