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Ring In The New Season at Bloom

With luxurious and abundant peonies… what are you waiting for? Choose from the likes of the Ombré ‘Sola’ Flower Wreath, the Sarah Bernhardt Peony Bud Stem and even the Fontaine Arrangement with Metal Vase.

Shop the New Seaon 2023 Range at Bloom!

Ombré ‘Sola’ Flower Wreath

Ombré 'Sola' Flower WreathThe Ombré ‘Sola’ Flower Wreath is created from renewable softwood, the lightest wood in the world. Part of our fabulous, all-new, all-natural, everlasting ‘sola’ flower collection, each flower is exquisitely crafted and hand-painted with Bloom‘s famous botanical attention to detail. Online Price £39.00

Anais Peony Centrepiece

Anais Peony CentrepieceThis glorious, abundant bowl of peony heads shows such attention to detail. Each bloom shows a slightly different shade, as happens on a live plant in a garden. The rare coral tones and unique peony leaves show why this flower is well-loved. Online Price £99.00

Anais Peony Arrangement

Anais Peony ArrangementIf you’ve ever lived with a peony plant, you know the pleasure they give, from the flower buds cracking open, to the gorgeousness of the blooms opening. Their beauty is fleeting; a spring shower and wind can see to that. Online Price £39.00

Sarah Bernhardt Peony Bud Stem

Sarah Bernhardt Peony Bud StemOur Sarah Bernhardt Peony Bud Stem is captured just before its frothy pink petals start to unfurl. Realism and botanical authenticity are the hallmarks of Bloom blooms, which is why we make flowers as buds as well as in a fully open state. Online Price £14.00

Coral Peony Bouquet

Coral Peony BouquetDust off your favourite vase and recharge it with our Coral Peony Bouquet. The moment Tiffany spotted the fabulous ‘Peoenia Coral Sunset’ at the Chelsea Flower Show, it was love at first sight! Online Price £59.00

Opulent Tablecentre

Opulent TablecentreThe Opulent Table piece showcases peonies (one of our best-selling florals) in all their glory! Symbolising prosperity, good luck and honour, peonies are a firm favourite in British homes; praised for their tight buds, which burst open with gloriously dense, ruffled petals. Online Price £49.00

Fontaine Arrangement with Metal Vase

Fontaine Arrangement with Metal VaseThe Fontaine arrangement with metal vase is a frothy confection of peonies (both in full bloom and in tightly furled buds), hand-tied with pink and lemon astrantia, pom-pom hydrangea heads and soft green foliage. Online Price £109.00

Wild Sophisticated Hoop

Wild Sophisticated HoopThe Wild Sophisticated Hoop adds a fresh and unexpected twist to a door or wall, and elevates your décor to new heights. It’s a complex and totally unexpected mix of clashing colours and contrasting shapes, including clematis, peonies, white ranunculi and black-eyed susans. Online Price £49.00

Ombré ‘Sola’ Flower Standing Bouquet

Ombré 'Sola' Flower Standing BouquetCreated from renewable softwood, the lightest wood in the world, each bloom in this Ombré ‘Sola’ Flower Standing Bouquet is exquisitely crafted and hand-painted with Bloom’s famous attention to detail. Online Price £29.99

Fontaine Centrepiece Collection

Fontaine Centrepiece CollectionCelebrating the fabulous actress, Joan Fontaine, the exquisite Fontaine Centrepiece Collection is artfully feminine and sensuously sophisticated. A profusion of pink and white peonies, in full flower and budbreezy apple blossom branches, pink tulips, astrantias and much more. Online Price £179.00

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