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Save Up To 50% On Selected Items At Bloom

Decorate your home with these beautifully designed flowers with Bloom.

We bring you this week’s top sellers, these will make a lovely feature in any room, a beautiful way to bring life to your interiors with free delivery on all orders over £60 at Bloom and Free Delivery for orders over £100 with Code – JA66!

Shop Blooms Christmas Trees and Make a perfect gift this Christmas.

Coastal ladder tree

Coastal ladder treeIf you’re short on space, but big on Christmas, hang this quirky Coastal Ladder Tree on a wall or door for an instant festive finish. It’s part of our natural Coastal collection, which is packed with contemporary charm, perfect for a place by the sea – or for blowing a breath of fresh air into an urban home.Was £19.00 Now £9.00

Coastal Tealight Holder

Coastal Tealight HolderOur Coastal Tealight Holder adds a magical glow to your space with understated greys and glittering pinks. Like winter sun at low tide, shades of pink catch the light and mingle with natural, washed driftwood and pine cones.Was £15.00 Now £7.00

Herbs in Oblong Vase

Herbs in Oblong VaseFresh and vibrant mixed herbs in an oblong vase, so realistic you’ll be tempted to pick them and add them to your favourite recipes and salads. You can almost smell the fragrance of basil and mint!Was £39.00 Now £19.00

Christmas In A Word Letter Garland

Christmas In A Word Letter GarlandWhat better way to spell out the season than this pretty garland that says the word Christmas! Hang horizontally along a hearth or shelf, or vertically from a wall or door.Was £15.00 Now £9.00

Paperwhite Narcissus Arrangement

Paperwhite Narcissus ArrangementPetite paperwhite narcissi are one of the rare species of plant that can successfully grow through snow and are always a sure welcome sight of spring after a long dark winter.Was £49.00 Now £34.00

Marigold Trough

Marigold TroughTake handfuls of summer sunshine, roll into a ball and arrange in a suitable container – that’s our marigold trough. Maybe the description isn’t strictly (or botanically) correct but it only takes a little imagination to see marigolds in this way.Was £59.00 Now £39.00

Nerine Lily and Sweetpea Arrangement

Nerine Lily and Sweetpea ArrangementInnocent and bright colours are what make this Nerine Lily and Sweetpea Arrangement such a delight. Guaranteed to brighten someone’s day, or bring a sense of cheer to an empty fireplace or table, this is the perfect choice for bringing a pop of colour to your space.Was £159.00 Now £129.00

Green Anthurium Leaf

Green Anthurium LeafThis beautiful anthurium stem replicates the fabulous new shades developed by some very clever plant breeders in Holland. Rare and excitingly exotic, it’s ideal for solo display in a slim glass vase or combining with elegant palm stems for an arrangement with a definite ‘wow’ factor.Was £12.00 Now £6.00

Indoor Potted Cloud Boxwood Tree in Pot

Indoor Potted Cloud Boxwood Tree in PotOur delightful Potted Cloud Boxwood Tree is specifically designed for displaying inside your home. This care free box plant has been designed “cloud pruned”, but comes to you free from years of careful pruning and watering.Was £99.00 Now £69.00

Ribbon Garland with Lights

Ribbon Garland with LightsGarlands needn’t just be made of flowers, or be just for summertime either. There’s a long tradition of Christmas garlands woven from pine, fir and evergreen foliage.Was £59.00 Now £39.00

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