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Here we share our favourite gift ideas for any and all the important upcoming events in your life, curated from Gift Discoveries website.

Shop all top picks here – while stocks last!

Chose from our Bergman Gas-Free Electric Weed Burner to our Frog Pot Perchers – Set of 3 or even a Wicker Hedgehog House. Gift Discoveries have something for everyone in this range!

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Bergman Gas-Free Electric Weed Burner

Bergman Gas-Free Electric Weed BurnerBergman’s electric weed burner kills weeds on your patio, paths and driveway without resorting to hazardous chemicals or a gas-powered flame-thrower, simply plug it in and zap! It uses intense heat to burn the weeds, but produces no physical flame. Online Price £49.95

Wicker Hedgehog House

Wicker Hedgehog HouseSturdy, robust and designed to last for years, the hedgehog house is hand woven from natural willow to provide a safe home for your garden visitors. Cover it with some plastic sheeting and autumn leaves to keep it firmly in place and protected from the elements. Online Price £34.95

Metal Acorn Bird Feeder

Metal Acorn Bird FeederWelcome birds into your garden with this attractive bird feeder. Supplied with a metal bracket for hanging on a wall or fence, it can be filled with shelled peanuts or a chunky seed blend to provide essential food for birds all year round. Online Price £24.95

Dunlop Wide Top Wellies

Dunlop Wide Top WelliesThese wide top wellies are easier to slip on and off than ordinary pairs and allow you to tuck in your trousers without them bunching at the knees. They are resistant to minerals, vegetable oils, fats, manure and various disinfectants and chemicals, so ideal for the outdoors. Online Price £29.95

Boot Jack and Scraper

Boot Jack and ScraperCombining a boot scraper and bootjack, this classic Victorian design is weighty, durable and extremely effective. Online Price £29.95

Frog Pot Perchers – Set of 3

Frog Pot Perchers - Set of 3Happy-go-lucky dangly legged amphibians that dispense smiles wherever they sit. Perch them on pots indoors or out, beside a pond or atop a wall. Online Price £14.95

Aura Flame Globe Stake Solar Light

Aura Flame Globe Stake Solar LightAdd some warm, ambient lighting to your night time garden with one of these sculptural solar lights. Mounted on a long stake, the flame-shaped light can be positioned along a pathway or in a hedge or flower bed to give out a gentle glow. Online Price £19.95

Do-it-all Garden hand tool

Do-it-all Garden hand toolCarry out all sorts of tasks in the garden using just this one amazing tool. The Thingamadig has a generous scoop with a pointed end and serrated sides. It makes a fantastic trowel for digging, scooping and furrowing; is great for weeding, the serrated edge chopping through stubborn roots; and can even be used to cut open bags of compost. Online Price £17.95

Butterfly Solar Light

Butterfly Solar LightBring your garden to life with this brightly-coloured butterfly that bursts into light at night. The solar light has a discreet solar panel on the body of the butterfly that absorbs the sun’s power by day to light up your garden all night long. Online Price £27.95

Bergman Rechargeable 10W Zoom Torch

Bergman Rechargeable 10W Zoom TorchMore powerful than torches many times its size, this pocket-sized 10-watt torch from Bergman shines a brilliant white beam up to 250 metres away – that’s a quarter of a kilometre! The brightness of the beam is hard to believe too, clocking in at 1000 lumens, equivalent to a 65W light bulb. Online Price £29.95

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