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An ode to Autumn with Bloom…. Herald the season with the Dried Autumn Collection.

We have included the decadent Dried Autumn Collection and also some of the fave autumn picks at Bloom including the Orange Potted Vanda Orchid and the Chelsea Tablecentre. Shop Now at Bloom!

Autumn Dried Wreath

Autumn Dried WreathCelebrate autumn with vibrant warmth, encapsulated in the golden glory of this hand-crafted Autumn Dried Wreath. Showcasing the bounty of harvest-time, this burnished circle of dried florals, fruits, seeds and cones looks fabulous hung on a door. Online Price £25.00

Autumn Topiary Ball

Autumn Topiary BallOur natural Autumn Topiary Balls are perfect to frame a mantelpiece, dress a dresser, or brighten a conservatory with traditional Elizabethan-style. Hand-crafted with a cornucopia of golden dried fruits, florals, seed pods and pine cones, and set in a simple moss-filled pot. Online Price £29.00

5ft Autumn Harvest Dried Garland

5ft Autumn Harvest Dried GarlandOur 5ft Autumn Harvest Garland perfectly captures this “Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness…” Two centuries after the great poet, John Keats penned his famous poem, “Ode to Autumn”, his words are as evocative as ever. Online Price £29.00

Autumn Dried Candle Holder

Autumn Dried Candle HolderHerald the season of pumpkins, acorns and conkers with our golden Autumn Dried Candle Holder centrepiece. Natural florals, pine cones and seed pods are hand crafted alongside two tea light holders to create the warm and flickering glow of candlelight. Online Price £25.00

Chelsea Tablecentre

Chelsea TablecentreCreativity is the life-blood of Chelsea. It attracts artists, writers and musicians, actors, photographers and designers, who give this quarter of fashionable London its eclectic buzz. It’s also the inspiration behind the Chelsea tablecentre of orange, red and white roses, ivy leaves and berries. Online Price £99.00

Orange Potted Vanda Orchid

Orange Potted Vanda OrchidOur Orange Potted Vanda Orchid is a wonderfully rich and complex shade of burnt orange. It’s almost as if the flowers had been steeped in sunshine and left to marinate over the summer. Online Price £89.00

Bird of Paradise Stem

Bird of Paradise StemThis Bird of Paradise Stem is popular for it’s vibrant colours and stunning, architectural shape. Also known as a crane flower, or strelitzia reginae to give its latin name, the bird of paradise is a species of a flowering plant indigenous to South Africa. Online Price £14.00

Firmania Spray

Firmania SprayAdd form and structure to your arrangements with this elegant Firmania spray from the Chinese parasol tree. Online Price £12.00

Maple Bonsai

Maple BonsaiThis delightful Maple Bonsai symbolises peace, harmony, and all that is good in nature. The art of miniature tree growing was derived from thousand-year-old Chinese horticultural practises, adapted by the Japanese some 700-years ago. Online Price £59.00

Flower farm candleholder and LED candle

Flower farm candleholder and LED candleAs days shorten and evenings draw in, embrace the warm ambience of candlelight with our Flower farm candleholder and LED candle, and settle in for the night. Arranged in a galvanised metal bucket, our autumn farm flowers bask in the glow of a safe, flickering candle flame. Online Price £39.00

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