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Shop the Full Cake Decorating Range at Hobbies

Hobbies supply everything you’ll need for your cake decorating project. From airbrush colours and edible markers to super white and stencils- they really do have it all!

Explore the full cake decorating range here on the website. The Hobbies cake craft range keeps on growing with new products being added all the time and the best way to keep up to date is to simple follow our cake craft page on Facebook.

Cakecraft Woodgrain Effect Stencil

Cakecraft Woodgrain Effect StencilThe perfect stencil to emboss a board, create plank flooring base, or airbrush a barrel. Use a light brown or peach shade for the base and a darker shade over the stencil for best results. Online Price £9.99

Cakecraft Honey Comb 2 Part Stencils

Cakecraft Honey Comb 2 Part StencilsCreate an almost endless number of designs with this Clever 2 piece stencil. Use them together or alone for fabulous honeycome or amazing geometric patterns. Online Price £12.99

Minisnip Versatile ‘precision’ scissors

Minisnip Versatile 'precision' scissorsThese versatile mini snips are a joy to use with the built in spring return. Great for cutting cord, string, decals for plastic models, model boat rigging & tape. Online Price From £9.95

Cakecraft Aquarium Stencil Kit

Cakecraft Aquarium Stencil KitCreate stunning underwater scenes with this versatile set. Add a mermaid or diver to the scene, or use in front of a shipwreck. Online Price £12.99

Magic Colours Pro Liquid Food Dye Super White

Magic Colours Pro Liquid Food Dye Super WhiteUnique Soft Gel ensures your fondant will not be affected and remains pliable and vibrant. Online Price £2.95

Cakecraft Ovals Stencil

Cakecraft Ovals StencilShapes are a basic necessity for so many designs, and ovals are great for balloons, pebbles and much more. Online Price £4.99

Cakecraft Quilted Border Stencil

Cakecraft Quilted Border StencilCreate a quilted effect with this stencil and add dragees to the dots for extra sparkle Offset the pattern carefully without the dots and you have an industrial metal tread effect. Online Price £7.99

Cassie Brown Cake Decorating and Finishing Techniques Part 1 DVD

Cassie Brown Cake Decorating and Finishing Techniques Part 1 DVDIf you have the Airbrush set and want to take cake decorating to the next level then you need this DVD.Was £14.95 Now £12.95

Quality Locking Forceps Curved or Straight

Quality Locking Forceps Curved or StraightOriginally made for use by surgeons, locking forceps are now used extensively by model builders, jewellers, miniaturists, electronics hobbyists, anglers, cake decorators, and even flower arrangers. Online Price £8.75

Cake Craft Airbrush and Compressor Set

Cake Craft Airbrush and Compressor SetThis kit includes a classic user-friendly gravity feed airbrush with a mini compressor with three pressure settings, airbrush holder. You can literally open the box, follow the step-by-step instructions for setup then create your own amazing results.Was £99.99 Now £79.99

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