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Shortages On Garden Furniture For UK Homes

Recent world events like the Suez Canal blockage, Covid-19 and the Brexit transition has led to major retailers warning customers about a shorter supply of garden furniture this year.

With recent lockdown restrictions allowing people to see family and friends outdoors, there’s been no better time for us to cast a glance over to our garden areas and make them just as comfy as our indoors.

However, with the recent reports of garden furniture shortages, just how difficult will it be to go about upgrading the garden?

No Gnomes or Benches


The lack of garden furniture is being blamed on supply chain issues for major retailers and garden centres in the UK.

These shortages have led to difficulties for businesses facing shortages on popular ornaments such as garden gnomes.

Though, even if garden furniture is becoming slightly more difficult to come by, there seems to be no shortage of opportunities to update your outdoor flooring.

Building the garden patio

A nice garden patio is just like having a new room in the home. It offers a comfortable and secure place to sit back, relax and enjoy the sunshine. When choosing how to lay your patio, there are various flooring options out there, like paving slabs, concrete, and porcelain tiles.


Best4flooring offers an exciting selection of porcelain tiles that are long-lasting and protect against sudden drops in temperature.

One key feature of porcelain tiles is their unique ability to be mixed and matched, which offers you tremendous flexibility in making your own unique designs.
Even the experts are convinced this will be a summer to remember, with industry veterans seeing a rise in outside home improvements.

Increase in outdoor flooring


Paul Humphries, CEO of Best4flooring, commented, “With the recent easing of lockdown restrictions, we’ve seen a growing surge across our industry with added interest in outdoor-related flooring.

Our porcelain tiles offer great versatility in that regard, enabling customers to place them outdoors, indoors and also on the walls and floors of their homes.”

Makeshift Garden Furniture


If you are having trouble finding garden furniture, then there is always the option of crafting your own!

Before you think about dragging your sofa out, there are some easy remedies to creating some comfortable garden seating. For example, you can craft a quick bench with just a few bricks and a couple of planks of wood.

You can also use an empty crate as a temporary side table to place your drinks and snacks. It’s easy to see how the possibilities for outdoor DIY are truly endless!
For more information on the flooring products and accessories that Best4flooring offers, please visit the website or contact the customer service team for advice.

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