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Single Stem Faux Flowers – Great For Gifts This Christmas At Bloom

Decorate your home with these beautifully designed flowers with Bloom.

We bring you this week’s top sellers, these will make a lovely feature in any room, a beautiful way to bring life to your interiors with free delivery on all orders over £60 at Bloom and Free Delivery for orders over £100 with Code – JA66!

Shop Blooms single stem faux flowers and Make a perfect gift this Christmas.

Bianca White Rose Spray

Bianca White Rose SprayThe delicate Bianca Rose is perfectly captured in this pretty little spray. Multiple white rose heads tumble from each stem, making it great to add volume at the front of arrangements, or equally pretty when displayed singly in a glass bottle. Online Price£15.00

White Ranunculus Stem

White Ranunculus StemOur White Ranunculus Stem is a showy flower with ruffles of paper thin petals. Authentically modelled on the Tecolote ranunculus, also called Persian ranunculus, its flower meaning is radiant charm. Online Price£7.00

Regal Amaryllis Stem

Regal Amaryllis StemThis Regal Amaryllis Stem will catch the eye wherever it is placed. Stunningly detailed and utterly realistic in every aspect from the deep pink and white flowers with their delicate stamens, to the multi-layered papery skinned bulbs. Online Price£12.00

Velvet rose stem

Velvet rose stemRich Red Velvet Rose stems add a classic touch to your home. Perfect for adding seasonal texture to your own unique arrangements – or simply drop half a dozen casually into a favourite vase for instant impact. Online Price£12.00

Deep Pink Condamine Rose Ball Stem

Deep Pink Condamine Rose Ball StemOur Deep Pink Condamine Rose Ball Stem is classic and gorgeous throughout the year. Spanning over 20cm across it boasts an impressive 15 hot pink flower heads, each with a creamy white centre. Online Price£15.00

Short Pear Blossom Stem

Short Pear Blossom StemClassic, delicate and a symbol of rebirth. Our Short Pear Blossom stem is a great way to introduce delicate florals into your home that will look elegant throughout the year. Online Price£12.00

Green Anthurium Leaf

Green Anthurium LeafThis beautiful anthurium stem replicates the fabulous new shades developed by some very clever plant breeders in Holland. Rare and excitingly exotic, it’s ideal for solo display in a slim glass vase or combining with elegant palm stems for an arrangement with a definite ‘wow’ factor.Was £12.00 Now £6.00

Lotus Leaf

Lotus LeafThe lotus is a fabulous plant – quite literally. In Greek mythology, lotus fruit was supposed to cause a pleasant drowsiness leading to a stupor.Was £9.00 Now £6.00

Pink Astrantia Stem

Pink Astrantia StemPink astrantia stems – with their slender pointed leaves and star-shaped flowers – are becoming increasingly popular with floral artists. Our hand-made versions, their white petals given a suggestion of a blush, are ideal for displaying on their own or adding to a larger arrangement or display. Online Price£12.00


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