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St. Eval’s Best Summer Picks and New Dinner Candles

Sitting comfortably in Spring with the descendance of brighter, balmier and sun soaked days on the horizon, St. Eval are thrilled to shine a light on their best summer fragrances and exciting new 10″ Dinner Candles in perfect time to complement the season.

B Corp certified and based on their farm in North Cornwall, St. Eval sustainably craft candles and home fragrances with people and the planet at their heart. Treading softly on the earth, St. Eval’s vision centers on sustainability, blending traditional and contemporary methods to protect the environment, preserve a superior candle quality and bestow the benefits of wellbeing.

Summer Scent-sations

Stepping into the radiant days of summertime bliss, infuse your home with the blessed spirits of the great outdoors. Bringing nature to life, indulge in a candle you can trust and repurpose beyond the candlelight, nurturing your space for summer’s to come.

Citronella Scented Tin Candle

Awash with waves of sweet citrus, Citronella is a classic summer scent that never gets old. Bursting with zesty fresh lemony scents, hints of handpicked garden apples and vibrant fruity tones on a base of balancing musk.

Available in their iconic Scented Kraft Tin Candles and Scented Tealights, quintessentially designed for a slice of Citrus whatever the weather.

A crucial summer sidekick, this stunning Citronella candle boasts benefits beyond the sensational scent, and may also help keep those few pesky insects a friendly distance away too.

Destined to guard your treasured sunset evenings, Citronella is the unbeaten companion and wildlife peacemaker when dining for one, enjoying a romantic outdoor date night for two, or creating cherished memories amidst nature with loved ones whilst basking in the beauty of dining Alfresco.

Add a final touch of flair by pairing a pack of St. Eval’s Scented Tealights with one of their carefully curated ceramic Candle Plates, accentuating your summer evenings safely and in style.

Bay & Rosemary

Home to the untamed bounty and exquisite beauty of Cornwall, soak in the sun-kissed wildflowers, freshly homegrown herbs and flora adorned landscapes of Cornwall with Bay & Rosemary, St. Eval’s most-loved scent that catapulted them to the candle hall of fame.

Bursting with the bright, light and heartwarming feeling of an English country garden, Bay & Rosemary is bound to take your breath away with its uniquely invigorating fusion of soothing bay leaf, freshly picked rosemary featuring deep, earth pine notes and subtly sweet woody accords.

Bottling up the effervescent paradise of the countryside, transport your senses, flatter your mind and dazzle the eye with the vast collection of scented tins and pots, approachable cosy tealights, showstopping pillars and multiwicks and far much more available in this fragrance.

Enthralling the beauty of the great outdoors, test out a new candle vessel and indulge in a terracotta style pot dressed to impress and take heed of the balmy summer season.

Designed with reuse and repurpose in mind, cherish the root of your candle and cultivate new life with your perfectly plant friendly Victorian Herb pot.

Small and Large Coastal Pots

Untamed in name and nature, St. Eval’s Sea Salt ignites the wild unconventionality of the sea’s waves crashing, wildlife-adorned coastal paths and the idyllic tranquillity of nature untouched.

Captivating the utterly paradisical sensation of taking sunken steps amidst the sunkissed sandy beaches of Cornwall, Sea Salt is born from the absolute mesmerisation and blessed appreciation of being by the ocean.

Honouring the peaceful serenity of the seaside, this unique ozonic and citrus fusion, featuring fresh marine scents, salty accords and flourishing floral notes enchants any space, warmly enveloping you in the unparalleled phenomenon of a fresh salty sea breeze.

A St. Eval best-seller, Sea Salt embodies a timeless fragrance which binds no seasonal ties, burning beautifully amidst the windswept days of winter, the sun-soaked days of summer and everywhere in between. Enjoy lit for up to 45 hours in their bestselling Scented Tin, or break free from expectation and indulge in the true rugged roots of Noth Cornwall with St.

Eval’s Large Coastal ombre pots, burning for up to 60 hours and truly imbuing the soft sand-touched tones, deep-ocean shades, and lightly sprinkled pastel sky blue hues of the seaside.

Much like the healing and therapeutic properties of the seashore, these Coastal pots offer endless possibilities of reuse from perfect sized plant potters to a home for your cherished jewellery, trinkets or fondly gathered beach treasures.


Bursting with enticing summer sweetness, St. Eval’s Rhubarb fragrance boasts effortlessly fruity roots, playfully enchanting light soulful mornings and idyllic afternoons spent pottering in the garden, admiring pristine thriving blooms and basking in the sun’s heartwarming glow.

Seeking inspiration from summer’s great bounty, this tickled sweet Rhubarb scent harmoniously unites zesty citrus notes of pineapple with spring blossoming pears and freshly picked Rhubarb stalks, nestled on a subtly warmed base of vanilla spice.

Infusing a sprightly spirit and sparking luminous joy, the undoubtedly fresh fragrance reminisces on the unfolding season between spring and summer, blossoming with the sun and beloved quintessentially English country gardens.

Exclusive to St. Eval’s Summer Folk collection, their subtly honeyed Rhubarb scent stuns in their showstopping 3×4” pillar, dressed in a candyfloss-tipped pastel pink shade set to shine and add an indulgent pop of colour into your home.

NEW 10” Dinner Candles

Born from the great success of their 8” Dinner Candle Gift Packs, St. Eval are thrilled to launch their new 10” Dinner Candles. Allowing their customers to buy in bulk and ensure they’re stocked up on their favourite Dinner Candles which remain lit for longer, St. Eval maintain their superior burn quality and effortlessly versatile range of coloured dinner candles which shine as bright as ever.

Traditionally hand drawn and crafted with care, St. Eval’s new Dinner Candles are delivered to your door in boxes of 12 and offer a staggering 144 hours of burn time with every box.

St. Eval’s new 10” Dinner Candles seize the creative freedom of tablescaping, available in a stunning array of hues from striking vibrant reds, perfect pastels, and serene seascape blues. Boasting a beautifully vast collection of twelve mesmerising colours, St. Eval’s Dinner Candles are lovingly designed with you in mind, to mix and match to your heart’s content.

Embrace the joy of tablescaping to kick off the season of wholesome hosting with St. Eval’s luxurious Dinner Candles. Meticulously crafted to grace your home with tranquillity and enhance the allure of your evenings, these endlessly versatile candles are a must-have. As spring blooms, infuse your outdoor dinners with delight and let St. Eval’s renowned candles set the stage for an unforgettable experience.

Shop St. Eval’s Dinner Candles here.

Pioneering a vision for almost 30 years, St. Eval’s commitment to sustainably crafting candles and nature-inspired home fragrances with love and care continues to shine. Rooted in a passion for wellbeing, St. Eval ensures their candles are of the utmost quality and accessibly priced for all to enjoy.

With a maintained desire to drive high standards across the globe, St. Eval continues their vital work uniting local people and communities, charities, and the environment- shining a light on a brighter, more balanced world.

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