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Start Buying Your Cooling Fans!

With warmer weather on the way and people being advised by the UK Government to circulate fresh air in the home and workplace, you might be interested in the latest best-selling ultra-quiet cooling fan technology.

There are many reasons why people should consider using a cooling fan in 2021.  Keeping air circulating will help protect against viruses by replacing stale air with new, which is especially important considering so many people are working at home. Many people are reporting having trouble sleeping due to the stress caused by Covid-19. As the weather gets warmer, getting a good night’s sleep will become a priority, and very quiet fans will become an essential item.

Meaco Fan Night light

Air treatment specialist Meaco has five award winning fans, the MeacoFan range, which in the hot summer of 2020, proved to be best sellers. Designed to suit all room sizes, with advanced DC technology ensuring low noise levels and low energy usage, they are a popular choice for use in the bedroom and home office. Samples are available for review

MeacoFan 1056 and MeacoFan 1056 P (pedestal version)

Check it out here on Amazon Website.

Largest of the Meaco fans.

This has twelve fan speeds capable of cooling the largest of rooms.

The multi-directional oscillation ensures that cool air circulates throughout the whole room by bouncing the air off walls and ceilings, so that every part of the room and everyone in the room feels the benefits.


An ECO mode automatically changes the fan speed as the room temperature changes, providing a simple, one touch control.

Quiet Mark accreditation due to the low energy DC fan motor ensuring ultra-low noise.

At night the Off Timer will silently turn the fan off and the display light can be turned on or off as required. For help with operating the remote at night, there is a spotter lump on the down speed button to help you work out where you are on the remote in the dark.

A pedestal version was developed and built following customer demand. According to Chris Michael, MD of Meaco:

“customers were looking for a floor fan, as they had no spare furniture space to place the current 1056 model on.  They can now use their floor space, and also have the fan above the height of objects that might otherwise have obstructed the airflow.  This makes it perfect for the bedroom or a home office setup.”

MeacoFan 650

Check it out here on Amazon Website.

Quiet Mark accreditation with a noise level starting from just 20 decibels.

Ideal for home office use, as they take up little space, and can even be placed on windowsills.


Night-light option for bedroom use.

MeacoFan 360

Check it out here on Amazon Website.


Quiet Mark accreditation with noise level starting at 15 decibels, the quietest in the range.

MeaoFan 260

Check it out here on Amazon Website.

First battery powered cordless fan from Meaco

Probably the most versatile fan to-date, offering a massive range of possibilities and cooling exactly where you need it, including outdoors.

Meaco Fan Night light

A unique feature is a useful and attractive nightlight in the base, giving a warm glow.

Low noise levels with its DC technology ensures it is super quiet. Weighs less than half a bag of sugar. Rechargeable lithium battery via a standard USB Micro C port.

The Meaco family of fans continues to grow. All Meaco products come with a two-year parts and labour warranty for mainland UK, as well as the option of extending the warranty to a total of five years.

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