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The Advantages of Wood Flooring: Is it worth choosing it for your Home?

With a generous flooring supply, the finishing industry offers homeowners a lot of alternatives for interior design: carpet, tiles, linoleum, wood flooring and many more. However, wood floors seem to be the leader when it comes to customer choices. The warmth and character it offers to a room, but also the easy cleaning and maintenance turn wood flooring into the most popular option for houses and apartments.

Wood flooring supply is generally known not only for its unique benefits, but also for the wide range of alternatives. You can choose between solid wood flooring, engineered wood flooring or laminate flooring in standard variants and even enjoy the uniqueness of a bespoke flooring, customised according to your preferences.


Here are some of the most important reasons why it is worth choosing wood flooring for your home:


Wood flooring is synonymous with durability, especially when it comes to hardwood flooring. With proper maintenance, the lifespan of a natural wood floor can be extended up to 100 years. Although the initial investment is a bit higher, you have the security of durability and the possibility of reconditioning the wood boards when necessary. Scratches, dents and stains and other signs of wear can be removed, once in a while, through a refurbishment process.

Easy to customize

Hardwood flooring also has a great advantage: its appearance can be customized according to the wishes of each house owner. If you are a fan of bespoke flooring, you should know that the finishing technology allows you to intervene massively in the final look, establishing the nuance, the type of finish (matte, gloss, textured) and the design of wood boards.

Maintenance and hygiene

If you want to have a floor that you can easily clean and maintain, wood flooring is definitely the best option. In addition to this aspect, unlike carpet or other textiles, the structure of wood helps maintain a cleaner air as dust particles, pollen or other allergens are not retained in the floor structure.

Added value

Solid wood is the gold in terms of finishes. Over time, it does not lose its value, instead it can even significantly increase the cost of a property for resale. So, if the long-term investment is what you are looking for, do not avoid solid wood floors.

Certainly, the benefits of wood flooring do not stop here. Depending on the specific needs of each space and each family, there are many other reasons why wood flooring is the most advantageous finish. In this regard, we advise you to talk to your wood flooring expert before making final decisions.

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