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The Mindfulness Interior Look | Now on sale

Grounding neutral scheme, earthy textures, and haptic materials, connect us back to nature, recognizing our need of calming comfort.

Contrasting black with white is the most effective way to create impact in a predominantly white space, but the key is to vary the proportions. The trend for dark shades in the living room shows no signs of waning but a 50/50 split could feel cold. Instead, pair dark marble coffee tables and minimalistic storage furniture in black, together with an auspicious centrepiece sofa, including another vital ingredient – texture. Break up the space beautifully with brass accents, as shown in this selection from Winter Sale. Winter Sale

Choose a stylish design and quality construction of white bouclé, like interiorr’s Isabella sofa – one to enjoy for years to come. Designed by Lasse Cha Pedersen, go for the coffee tables with faux marble appearance, and give your interior a wow-factor. Play with the space – sharpen up and go for Danish design with eye-catching square form like these cubic Helga coffee tables with marble look.

Infuse a sense of mindfulness and wellbeing into your space with thoughtful decorative accessories that explore mood-boosting materials, artful surface design and a refined approach to minimalism. Display ceramic art pieces to play as versatile accents on any surface. Vases can be used to bring a splash of personal expression to your desk or countertop, or can be grouped together on a small accent table. Mix and match them to your heart’s content.

Neutral room ideas are calming and easy to use – they work with almost every other colour. Add a hint of metal that will ignite your gaze – the muted appeal of brass has the power to elevate any object but it’s not ostentatious about it, a slice of luxury home. Now is the time to create timeless design spaces with 40% off its regular price during Winter Sale.

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