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Tile of the Year 2024 – Ascot Blue!

Original Style are delighted to reveal their Tile of the Year for 2024, Ascot Blue from their heritage Artworks Collection!

In homage to British manufacturing, Original Style have crowned Ascot Blue as Tile of the Year for 2024. A recent addition to the iconic Artworks collection, their skilled team of designers and craftspeople have unlocked a new, cooler shade of blue adding a fresh injection to their oldest tile range while remaining true to its heritage.

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‘The captivating story behind our Artworks collection starts in 1986, primarily developed as a collection of tile sets for cast iron fireplaces, the range has grown to offer distinctive glazed wall tiles in different shapes and sizes, hand-crafted decorated tiles and borders and recreated masterpieces inspired by art and architecture from many eras.

Our Artworks collection has stood the test of time, offering wall tiles with unique, reflective glazes and a heritage feel. We’re incredibly excited to announce Ascot Blue as our Tile of the Year for 2024, its denim-like tone is right on trend and impactful as well as liveable.

Developing new glazes is a meticulous and extensive process and crowning Ascot Blue shines the light on our talented production teams and draws attention to astounding British craftsmanship’ – Hannah Guilbert, Creative Marketing Manager at Original Style

Available in a multitude of formats, Original Style’s studio team have curated a number of beautiful set and flat lay designs that boast the versatility and detailing of this new plush glaze, to showcase the many ways in which these gorgeous tiles can be styled.

Contemporary Kitchens

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Stylist Emma Hughes created this kitchen to showcase Ascot Blue in a contemporary setting, with opulent touches of gold to embrace the rich glaze of the tiles.

‘Designed to portray a colour soak effect, this scene features an abundance of blue tones to inspire anyone looking to create a bold yet liveable space.’ – Emma Hughes, Studio Manager Original Style.

Luxurious Bathrooms

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Using a mixture of tile formats is a great way to create interest and detail whilst using the same colour. This bathroom showcases how using tile mouldings with half tiles and field tiles creates a heritage yet luxe bathroom look.

‘For a luxury bathroom with impact pair Ascot Blue with a statement floor. We’ve styled a mixture of tile formats with decorative floor tiles for a glamourous bathroom look. Opt for classic sanitary ware gold or brass accents and even a touch of greenery to complete the look’ – Emma Hughes, Studio Manager Original Style.

Timeless Spaces

tie 2024

Ascot Blue’s liveable, cool tones make it the perfect shade for hallways, utility rooms and boot rooms. Tiles are a practical and stylish choice for these areas of the home and look especially beautiful when used on walls and floors for maximum impact and functionality.

‘Ascot Blue has a dusky nature with grey undertones, making this colour versatile and easy to live with. Pair with soft neutral shades and heritage prints for a classic look that will stand the test of time.’ – Emma Hughes, Studio Manager Original Style.

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