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Tools and Maintenance Range at Scotts of Stow

As autumn approaches, the leaves start to turn golden and the temperature starts to drop. However, there’s plenty to keep you busy in the garden this month.

Make light work of the autumn tidy-up with our clever range of garden helpers here at Scotts of Stow – hurry, while stocks last

High Quality Folding Garden Cart

High Quality Folding Garden CartA folding garden trolley is ideal for moving compost, logs and DIY stuff from your car. In fact, this strong trolley carries up to 80kg. With a collapsible telescopic handle, it concertina folds to just 53cm wide. Online Price £59.95

Leaf Grabbers – Set of 2

Leaf Grabbers - Set of 2These leaf grabbers lend a big helping hand in the garden. They’re lightweight and easy to use, with comfortable moulded handles plus wrist support for greater leverage. Online Price £12.95

Bergman® Interchange Cordless Leaf Blower

Bergman® Interchange Cordless Leaf BlowerThe interchange cordless leaf blower by Bergman®, makes your life easier in the garden. So lightweight, it’s easy to carry and manoeuvre. Use it in autumn to gather up messy cuttings and general debris. Online Price £29.95

Bergman Extra-Long Tool Rack

Bergman Extra-Long Tool RackThe Extra-Long Single-Tier Tool Rack will help you make better use of your storage space as it’s ideal for the garage, cloakroom, porch or shed. Online Price £19.95

Bergman Double Tool Rack

Bergman Double Tool RackThe Double Tool Rack will help you make better use of your storage space as it’s ideal for the garage, cloakroom, porch or shed. Online Price £24.95

Swirl Guard Drain Covers – Set of 2

Swirl Guard Drain Covers - Set of 2Keep drains clear of leaves – and save yourself countless problems with blockages and overflows. The stainless steel Swirl Guard sits over any standard drain grill, enabling water to flow freely while it ‘sieves’ out leaves and debris for easy disposal. Online Price £12.95

Circuit Breaker

Circuit BreakerCircuit Breaker. Our special adaptor simply plugs into the mains between the socket and your mains appliance for complete electrical safety. Online Price £12.95

Stone Decking and Patio Cleaner

Stone Decking and Patio CleanerThis innovative cleaner uses advanced nano technology to inhibit the growth of most kinds of algae and moss from stone, brick and concrete surfaces without the back-breaking work of scrubbing. Online Price £7.95

Multi-Shifter Leaf Clearing Tool

Multi-Shifter Leaf Clearing ToolNo ordinary shovel, the Multi-Shifter has a patented ‘gliding’ head that will shift almost anything off your drive or path. Online Price £29.95

BergmanPro Handheld Power Scrubber

BergmanPro Handheld Power ScrubberThis cordless rechargeable household scrubber takes all the hard work out of cleaning with 7 different heads to undertake almost any tough job. Online Price £49.95

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