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What Can a Fully Bespoke, Fitted Wardrobe Do for Your Living Space? What You Should Know

You may have seen a bespoke, fitted wardrobe in a friend or relative’s home, and you may have been attracted to its design and the fact that it allows better organisation in your living space. Of course, the fitted wardrobe can be an investment, but no matter which way anyone looks at it, it can undoubtedly be one of the best ways to utilise your space, keep organised, and avoid clutter. But if you are still having doubts about whether to invest in one or not, here’s what a fully bespoke, fitted wardrobe can do for your living space: what you should know.


• A perfectly fitted storage area

As its name implies, a fitted wardrobe (also known as a built-in wardrobe) can do a lot when it comes to your storage requirements. Its design is entirely custom-made, which means it is made according to the precise measurements of your space, with every inch of the space maximised. Many fitted wardrobes, for example, can be designed and built up to the ceiling, and in fact, this is highly encouraged so you can ultimately make use of the space. You can also have it built to extend from wall to wall or in a corner or under the stairs – in other words, whichever storage solution or elements you need, your fitted wardrobe specialist can make it for you.

• A good chance to organise your wardrobe once and for all

Let’s admit: no matter how much we try to keep our things neat, the simple fact is that this takes a lot of time and effort, particularly if we don’t have the proper storage solution. It’s easy to dump various items helter-skelter into a wardrobe if it doesn’t have enough shelves, drawers, cubbies, and so on.

But you can personalise your fitted or built-in wardrobe according to the items you will put in it. So, for example, if you have a lot of belts, shoes, and other accessories, then you can have extra racks and small drawers for your accessories and footwear. All you have to do is tell your fitted wardrobe partner, such as built in wardrobes Leeds professionals like My Fitted Bedroom, expressly what you want and need. You can have the perfect home for your items, whether it’s shoes and clothes, bags, linen, makeup, and even memorabilia and collectables.

• A brilliant customised design

If you visit a shop selling standalone or freestanding wardrobes, you may have to search for a while before you can find something that suits some of your needs – but not all of them. Chances are, you will have to compromise and settle for a freestanding wardrobe that’s as close as possible to what you want. But it’s wholly different with a fitted wardrobe – your built-in wardrobe will be measured according to the space, and it doesn’t even matter if it’s an awkwardly-shaped space, like a sloped ceiling, a loft, an attic, or a small corner. Even if you have the smallest of areas, you can still optimise it with sliding doors, for instance, which save on space, or mirrored glass doors, making the space look bigger than it is. Plus, those mirrors can serve a dual purpose, where you can check your outfit right before going out.

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