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Whittard of Chelsea Kickstart the Sunshine Season Asking You To…

Try Your Drink Hot – Then Cold!

Time to flip the lid on what you know and see your drink differently. Whittard of Chelsea are celebrating blue skies and sunkissed shoulders with fruity infusions, pep-in-your-step coffees and chocolatey concoctions for summer 2021.

The catch? Everything tastes equally as delicious hot or cold. That’s the same brew – anew!

Made for sipping in the sun, their new summer range boasts zesty and colourful iced teabags with flavours including Pineapple Cooler, Cherry Bonbon and Mango Sorbet, as well as ice-cream parlour inspired mini caddies; Strawberry Sundae, Peach Swirl and Coconut Cream.

And if that’s not enough coconut for you, try their lusciously smooth and creamy Coconut White Hot Chocolate (a gorgeous base for a milkshake) or their marvellously moreish Limited Edition Coconut Ground Coffee steaming hot in the morning, and soothingly chilled in a cold brew come the early afternoon.


All wrapped up in their bedazzling kaleidoscope packaging that practically pops off the shelves, making for the ideal gift for bringing along to garden soirees and barbeques.

Whittard of Chelsea’s Tea Buyer, Linda Lisser said of the launch:

“Our summer infusions this year are bright, bold and bursting with flavour! Ice cream and sorbets just sing of summer; they are sweet, uncomplicated and so fun to explore. Everything can be brewed as ice teas or hot or cold, asking our customers to challenge what they know – with incredible flavours pf whimsical wandering, loosing track of the time, of holidays, of hope“

Challenge what you know and explore brew horizons – hot or cold, it’s sure to be a summer like no other.

When Walter Whittard launched his first London shop in 1886, his philosophy was simple: buy the best. It’s a philosophy that’s stayed close to Whittard’s heart since then, driving their belief in quality, heritage and innovation. Today their world-class range of tea, coffee and hot chocolate satisfies every curiosity and taste – from classic English Breakfast tea to creative hot chocolate flavours and unique tea and coffee blends.

Whittard continues to push the boundaries with new cutting-edge releases inspired by the everything from classic desserts to childhood confectionery, layering unexpected flavours with chocolate bases to create a little theatre and continually excite its customers.

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