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Protection of Intellectual Property

The concept of intellectual property treats intellectual property as a product of human creative work. This product is unique and gives rank in terms of economy, economy or development. All these factors make it necessary to protect it properly. Intellectual value is therefore about all innovative and so far uncreated creations that every person can develop with the help of their intellect and imagination. Most often, when we think about intellectual value, we think about songs, i.e. lyrics, limericks and the music itself, as well as patents and trademarks.

What is Intellectual Property and types of ip rights

The intellectual value will be what hide all non-material aspects manifested in the form of material carriers. These careers can be literary works, art itself, science and industry, and many others, just as the reins of the human imagination are wide.

Protection of intellectual property and Property rights

While the tangible property is very easy to establish and systematize, it will not be so easy to do with intellectual property. Sometimes it is not so easy to determine whether someone is 100% the author of a given work or not. For this reason, a number of legal acts have been created to regulate this and protect intellectual property.

In Poland, there are four basic laws governing the protection of intellectual property. These are precise: the Act on Combating Unfair Competition of April 16, 1993, the Act on Property rights and Related Rights of February 4, 1994, the Industrial Property Law Act of June 30, 2000, and the Database Protection Act of July 27, 2001 r.

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In accordance with the applicable legal acts, intellectual property is protected by the principles set out in Property rights and industrial property law.

Property rights

Property rights, in accordance with the Property rights Act, provides for the protection of all creative works in the form of works. These can be pieces that are expressed with words, a graphic symbol, or even a mathematical symbol, in the form of plastic, photographic, violin making, architecture or music.

Protection of the company’s intellectual property

Intellectual property does not have to be the domain of only large corporations, but also small companies may have such values ​​that also need to be properly protected. It may be an innovative production, or procedures needed to make a given thing, or machines or devices used for this. For this reason, it is worth thinking in advance about properly securing your ideas.

We can protect our intellectual property in two ways. One of them talks about the need to obtain an exclusive right, in accordance with applicable regulations. The second one is based on the so-called implicit knowledge.

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