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Sing My Name Releases Live Preview Technology for World’s Largest Database of Personalised Music

Sing My Name, the leader in personalised kids’ music gifts for over 15 years, have today released a unique live preview technology.

Featuring the largest collection of personalised music in the world, with over 40,000 names in 5 different languages, these songs can be programmed into a whole range of personalised gifts for kids. These include alarm clocks, CDs, MP3 music players, soft toys and more.

Born from the concept of demonstration in speciality retail locations, where our bespoke software is used to immediately allow customers to hear their child’s name in the lyrics of a song, this has now been achieved on the web, allowing customers to search the huge database of names from all corners of the globe and immediately hear a song generated specially for their little one. The songs are even available in multiple languages – English, German, Czech, Spanish and Japanese.

The gifts themselves are of great quality and design, with many years honing the product offering talking to hundreds of customers daily in concessions within Hamleys, Harrods, Fenwick and other luxury retailers. But the really special part is the personalisation.

The secret is not just in technology, but the perfect hybrid of tech and traditional methods. Many people think that there is some technical trickery used to generate their child’s song, using a synthetic voice. But actually, every single song and every single child’s name is sung by a talented vocalist separately. There’s still no technology that can replicate the emotion and personal nature of the sung human voice. It is then run through Sing My Name’s proprietary software to mix the names into each song and master it using the same high-end studio equipment used in pop music releases. This gives seamless sounding personalised music that seems like it was produced just for your child.

And what has made Sing My Name gifts favourites for children around the world for so many years, is the reaction they get. Kids love to hear their name as the star of their own special songs, but so do parents, grandparents and the whole family! These presents bring something very few ‘toys’ can – lovely family moments with genuine smiles, laughter, and quite often lots of dancing!

So, take a look at Sing My Name’s fantastic live name preview now. Just type the first few letters of your child’s name into the search box on the alarm clock, CD or music player page, and hear their name in a fun personalised song that sounds like it was written just for them! Amazingly, if we don’t have a child’s name in our huge database, for most products we will even sing it specially for them, delivering it in just a few days extra.

Go to Sing My Name personalised kids’ gifts website and try it yourself.

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