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6 Tips to Help Your Baby Take His First Step

The age at which a baby may start walking is often around 12 months, but some babies may walk earlier or later than this. Every toddler will eventually begin to walk on their own separate timeline. This is the best time to buy enough baby vests as they don’t need heavy clothes that might hinder them from taking their first steps.

It is easier to tell when your baby is about to walk. Some habits to help you know the baby is about to walk include: Pulling themselves up to stand, cruising around, walking with assistance and standing without support. But the baby’s walking doesn’t just come about overnight. The parent must take some steps to help them achieve this.

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These steps are outlined below:

Give the right Support

Many parents believe that holding the baby’s hands to support them while standing is the right way. Unfortunately, this is the wrong method as it tends to make the baby’s body tilt forward. Holding their trunk is the right way to give support. This makes their feet gain firmness which, in turn, helps to build the leg muscles and bone strength that will aid in walking.

Cruise Along

With time, your baby will be able to pull himself up to stand and this will help him begin cruising along the furniture. To encourage this activity, place toys a little far distance from them. They will tend to get the toys, an excellent way to boost their stamina and strengthen the thigh and hip muscles. They become more stable over time, allowing them to shift weight from leg to leg.

Keep them Barefoot

It is always better to allow babies to explore the environment barefoot first. Actually, paediatric therapists usually recommend parents keep their babies barefoot and with baby vests often to allow room for breathing. Babies rely on their feet for information when learning to walk. The ‘feel’ guide them by knowing the texture of the ground they’re standing on, which helps them adjust their standing balance and increase stability. Gaining stability helps them to start walking.

Offer an Incentive

Another way to encourage your baby to take their first step is to sit a few meters from them. From there, hold their favourite toy and encourage them to get it. The toy will motivate them to try to make steps towards you to get it.

Put Them on a Push Toy

Baby strollers and mini shopping carts are other excellent ways to encourage your baby to stand and take the first step towards walking. The push toy allows them to have control as they grasp and push it in front of them. Additionally, it will give them the needed support as they work on their legs, improve balance and boost their confidence to walk.

Make them Play with Older Kids

Babies can easily be influenced by other kids. For many times babies tend to copycat their behaviours. Your presence is necessary not only to keep an eye on them but also to encourage them to do what other kids are doing.

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