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How Parents can do their own Home-Schooling during the Lockdown 2?

“An online course is the new home school for parents”

– Susan Young & Michael Ward, Co-managing directors of City Academy Ltd.

Lockdown is set to return across the UK, yet in many ways, this one is different. As schools will stay open, and children will be in school during the day, parents raring to learn new skills can look to our online courses. This is our time to home-school ourselves.

Anyone can learn something new at home while the kids do the same in the classroom. You could take up ballet or creative writing – or even learn to draw and pin your artwork on the fridge.

City Academy have helped people unlock their creativity, enhance their communication skills and improve their well-being since 2007, but it was the first lockdown that inspired to launch classes online. With new restrictions on the horizon, virtual classes run throughout the day, in between the school run.

“Our tutors enthuse, guide and enable you to learn new skills and kindle passions,”

says Michael Ward, co-managing director of CA.

They offer a huge range of inclusive online courses designed to promote wellbeing. From the endorphin release of stand-up comedy to the adrenaline rush of street dance, there is something for everyone.

Co-Managing Director Susan Young says:

“We champion the power of lifelong learning and the pandemic has brought this into clearer focus. Our online programme has proved an enormous success, and we’ve been thrilled to help people learn new skills. It is great to see how online learning can alleviate isolation and remind us there’s joy in expressing ourselves.”

City Academy students say they feel prouder, walk taller, and feel uplifted following an online course.

“I wasn’t sure about a virtual class, but it was very enjoyable and doable. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to learn new hobby.” (student, How To Draw)

“A very productive lesson with a great group of students and a fantastic atmosphere.” (student, Acting for Beginners)

“Great teacher, extremely enthusiastic and a fun activity for lockdown and beyond. Thank-you!” (student, Ballet Beginners)

Susan adds: “these are challenging times but lockdown won’t last forever. An online class promotes mental health, encourages positivity and well-being. There’s also the fact that friendships are made on our courses.”

City Academy also offer life skills that include public speaking, accent training and improvisation to compliment your working life. Home-schooling is not just for kids during this second lockdown. Let’s make time to home-school ourselves.

City Academy also offer courses in the creative and performing arts – classes are taught by professional performers and held at some of London’s most prestigious venues. All the classes are for adults (18+) and are available for all levels.

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