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The father’s role in a child’s life and how to establish a strong bond from birth?

Papa, dad, father – the role of a man in a child’s life is huge, and parenting is not only about responsibility but also – and perhaps most importantly – about emotional support.

And although it sounds serious, building a bond with your little child can take many forms, sometimes very relaxed for both of you. So, how can you build a strong bond with your newborn baby? Find out what we think about it!

infant pram bag strong bond

Daily rituals – building relationships through routine

It may seem difficult to find opportunities to bond with your child in everyday life, but chores such as feeding, changing or bathing are excellent chances to spend time with your baby and build a strong relationship.

Of course, each family will create their rituals over time. For some, it will be baths with foam and toys, for others, it will be tucking them in at night and rocking them to sleep.

However, it’s really important to create regular routines and daily activities that make your child feel secure and stable. By participating in these daily tasks, dads can show how much they care and love their child.

We know it might feel overwhelming at first, but trust us, you’ll get the hang of it quickly! And  some great articles like “Preparing for Fatherhood – Everything You Need to Know” can help you get even more prepared for the adventure ahead.

The power of a good fun

Playing with a young child is one of the best ways to bond because laughter connects people of all ages.

Playing together lets a father have fun with his child and teach him new skills and values.

It helps develop creativity, teaches cooperation, and strengthens your relationship with your little one.

 And don’t forget to adapt the type of play to your child’s age! For toddlers, simple games like playing with colourful toys, peek-a-boo, or gentle tossing can bring a lot of joy and laughter.

Shared moments are the key to building a strong bond for the future

You can also build relationships outside the home, for example, by going for a walk.

The world outside is full of inspiration, and even a short walk can lead to discovering colourful leaves, hearing singing birds, or feeling summer raindrops on the pram’s raincoat.

These are all opportunities for the father to spark the child’s curiosity about their surroundings and show that he is always there.

These are small gestures that build trust, laying the foundation for a strong and lasting bond with the child.

Of course, investing in the right equipment is essential to ensure that your leisurely strolls are enjoyable and safe.

For instance, consider our specially designed infant pram bag, which allows you to pack all the necessary items conveniently.

Additionally, exploring pram online shopping will give you diverse choices to cater to your specific needs and preferences.

We really hope that by following the steps below, you’ll be able to connect with your child every day. And we wish you that!

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