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The Readingmate App will make Reading a Habit of Endless Possibilities for all Children

The Readingmate app will inspire a life-long love of reading in your children and promote positive reading habits; ideal for home-learning during lockdown.

Readingmate was developed during the global Coronavirus pandemic and the initial prototype was widely adopted by parents who desperately wanted to keep their children reading while schools were closed.

Hannah has spent seven years teaching English and in that time she has enjoyed enriching her students lives with her own love of reading. However, Hannah often felt frustrated at having to compete with her student’s smartphones for attention – a feeling that many parents will understand! Fearing for their growing addiction to technology and a general loss of interest in reading, the idea for the Readingmate app was born.

Designed to get children reading for pleasure, the Readingmate app rewards your child with badges and reading streaks for the amount of time spent reading, not reading ability or the amount of books read. As your child’s passion and interest grows, so do their achievements. With an in-built calendar to help track their progress, the Readingmate app makes it easy to turn reading into a lifelong habit.

As a teacher of children with special educational needs and learning disabilities, Readingmate co-founder, Hannah Rix, believes there should be no barrier for a child that wants to read. This is why the Readingmate app takes into account children of all abilities and backgrounds to ensure that it is accessible for all.

The latest lockdown and school closures means parents are on the lookout for free resources to keep their children learning at home.

The Readingmate app is free and available to download on both iOS and Android devices.

“We want to put the love and enthusiasm back into reading. We believe reading is the pathway to a full and happy life but some children are lacking in confidence and passion towards it. Readingmate aims to shift this perception and make reading the better and more exciting option for all children”.

– Readingmate co-founder, Hannah Rix

For every book bought through Readingmate, 10p goes to fund reading programmes and for schools in the user’s area. Another 10p goes to literary charities.

Readingmate’s founders, James and Hannah Rix built a successful business during the pandemic that encourages children to read for pleasure not to pass tests.

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