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Fitness Tech to Step Positively into the New Year

Doing more exercise, improving fitness and shedding a few pounds consistently top the charts for the most popular New Year’s resolutions. Beurer has a range of products to help you achieve your fitness goals and ensure you don’t fall by the wayside after January.

With the New Year in sight, millions will be making a promise to themselves to get fitter and healthier, and looking for the right tech tools to fulfil their resolutions. With this in mind, health and well-being specialist, Beurer has put together a selection of its German engineered health and fitness tech that can help kick start 2022 with good intentions and keep you motivated for longer.

The Beurer BF 850 Diagnostic Bathroom Scale: Stay on top of your goals


Successfully staying fit and taking care of yourself starts with knowing your body and continues with monitoring the effects of your efforts. This smart bathroom scale offers precise analysis of weight, body fat, body water and muscle percentage, and bone mass, as well as a body fat scale to automatically calculate BMI and calorie requirement (AMR/BMR), providing a fascinating insight to your body health. The BF 850 connects to the Beurer HealthManager app via Bluetooth so you can record and monitor your progress on your smartphone or other Bluetooth connected devices. With up to 8 user memory spaces, it can be useful for the whole family.

The Beurer BF 850 is available from Amazon, SRP: £69.99.

Beurer MG 280 Yoga and Stretch Mat with air compression: Improve your body and mind at home


Inspired by yoga, this stretch mat helps you to increase your flexibility, stay fit and feel good, with targeted exercises for your neck, back and shoulders. The MG 280 uses 7 inflating air chambers to ease your body into the perfect stretch positions to relieve tension and encourage flexibility. There are 4 pre-set stretching programmes and 3 intensity levels, all selectable using the easy-to-use control. Just lie back and let the mat guide you through. For deeper relaxation, you can switch on the vibration massage and even activate the heat function to warm and loosen any tight muscles you have. Bliss!

The Beurer MG 280 is available from Amazon, SRP £279.99

Beurer EM 22 Muscle Toner: Better abs than you will achieve at the gym


How about a more convenient and effective way to tone muscle? With the EM22 muscle toner, you don’t even have to visit the gym. This hi-tech, electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) device has an impressive 15 intensity levels and works to increase the tone and definition of stomach, legs and arms, achieving better results than the gym alone as it allows access to the additional 70% of muscle fibres that voluntary contraction neglects. As well as sculpting, the EM22 can also be used for muscle rehabilitation to prevent muscular atrophy. So, if you start pushing yourself or are partial to running marathons, you can use this highly effective EMS to increase blood flow and to relax your muscles. The electrode pads are made from soft flexible silicone and completely comfortable against the skin.

The Beurer EM 22 is available from Amazon, RRP £54.99

Beurer EM 39 2-in-1 Abdominal and Back Muscle Belt: Effective and powerful muscle training


This muscle belt makes abdominal and back muscle training easy and can also be used for regeneration. With five training programmes and adjustable intensity, it is easy to select the right training for you. Four adhesive electrodes made of conductive carbon material can be connected for individual muscle stimulation and are wear-free, so no conductive gel or replacement electrodes required. The EM 39 features a removeable control system with LCD which displays the countdown timer and a low battery indicator. The belt has a comfy, ergonomic design which is flexibly adjustable and can also be handwashed.

The Beurer EM 39 is available from Amazon, SRP £66.99

The Beurer MG 180 Massage Gun: Precise German functionality for an effective massage


Designed to relieve tension and regenerate muscle, this awesome, German engineered massager is perfect if you suffer with muscle ache after going hard at the gym, in training or playing your favourite sport. Benefit from quality trigger point massage with powerful vibration to relieve back, neck and shoulder pain. There are 6 interchangeable massage heads, each purposefully designed for the various muscle groups and to ensure the whole body can benefit. A choice of 4 intensity levels makes it comfortable to use even in sensitive areas.

The Beurer MG 180 is available from Amazon, SRP £199.99.

The Beurer MG 10 Vibrating Massage Ball: Trigger point massage on the go


This small and handy massage ball is ideal to take on the go. Through vibration and its ergonomic shape, the MG 10 can optimally regenerate and activate tense muscle groups, while the small size enables you to perfectly target trigger points. Standing, lying down, or sitting, this compact massage ball with 2 intensity levels can relieve fasciae agglutinations and tension so that you can get back to your workout in no time.

The Beurer MG 10 is available from Amazon, SRP £16.99.

The Beurer MG 35 Vibrating Massage Roller: Deep targeted muscle relaxation


At home or on the move, the MG 35 vibrating massage roller can help you target trigger points with deep muscle relaxation. Three rotating roller units with special soft touch surface act deep and a dedicated massage mode delivers intensive massage wherever you need it most. This convenient, easy to use, and effective muscle easing solution includes a rechargeable li-ion battery so that you can also ensure you’re powered up whenever you need it.

The Beurer MG 35 is available from Amazon, SRP £59.99.

The Beurer MG 149 Shiatsu Massage Cushion: Relax and unwind


It is important to prioritise muscle recovery when you are working hard on your body goals. This innovative, multi-functional massage cushion features four 3D massage heads rotating in pairs to simulate traditional, soothing shiatsu massage, and optional infrared light and heat function for a whole new dimension of massage. The simple manual controls make it easy to use even in a state of bliss and the ergonomic design makes it a perfect fit for shoulders, neck, back and leg massage. So, have a day off, sit back, relax and enjoy.

The Beurer MG 149 is available from Amazon, SRP £61.99.

Beurer was founded in 1919 in Ulm and is synonymous with health and well-being. Today, the long-standing company leads the way in several product fields in this segment; the company is the market leader in Europe in the area of flexible heating and a market leader in Germany for blood pressure monitors and massage products. Beurer is also one of the leading suppliers of personal bathroom scales in Europe.

This portfolio, which is under constant development in all areas, offers products for use in the home. It includes: personal bathroom scales, kitchen scales, luggage scales, air purifiers, air dehumidifiers, air washers, thermo hygrometers, aroma diffusers, blood pressure monitors, blood glucose monitors, mobile ECG devices, hearing amplifiers, pulse oximeters, nebulisers, clinical thermometers, a sleep sensor, wake up lights, a snore stopper, daylight therapy lamps, infrared lamps, TENS/EMS devices, massage products (foot massage, Shiatsu massage, massage chairs, massage cushions, fascia massage, leg compression massager), relaxation aids, hair removal devices (classic, IPL, laser), FaceCare and HairCare products, a cellulite releaZer, cosmetics mirrors, manicure/pedicure sets, a BabyCare line, ovulation thermometers, activity sensors and heart rate monitors. USB ports and Bluetooth® make it possible for a growing number of Connect products to be linked to the expanding Beurer app world and/or software.

The family-run company operates a global distribution network in more than 100 countries and currently has a workforce of around 1,000 people.

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