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Get Lost In The Music At An Off-grid Gig

A new secret gig, billed as the UK’s most remote, is challenging hikers and music fans to get lost in the music – quite literally.

The Off-Grid Gig, part of Columbia Hike Society’s HikeFest, a new festival of hiking, is a show with a difference.

Hikers will be required to climb deep into the Snowdonia mountains before reaching a natural amphitheatre where an intimate, acoustic gig will take place.

Get Lost In The Music At An Off-grid Gig

Columbia Sportswear

The experience will see two up-and-coming artists perform an open-air set in-front of an audience of intrepid explorers.

The event is hosted by the Columbia Hike Society in partnership with Sofar Sounds. The hiking community and global music movement have joined forces in a bid to showcase the connection of music and the great outdoors.

Located in the wilderness, the location is a place where phone signal begins to falter. The event’s aim is to encourage attendees to put their phones down and connect with the music and the natural world around them.

The line-up includes Jack Cullen, an English-Irish singer-songwriter known for his soft indie pop soundscapes and mellow guitar playing.

Cullen will be joined by Alice Boyd, a composer, sound artist and field recordist whose songs and sound are inspired by nature.

The artists will be supported by a chorus of natural sounds provided by the elements in their mountainous surroundings.

Attendees of the Off-Grid Gig will be sent the gig co-ordinates on the morning of the event before being led by the community’s hike leaders to the performance.

May Beaufort, a Columbia Hike Society ambassador behind the event said:

“Live music, natural beauty, and a big hike with friends – that’s some line-up.

“Putting one foot in front of the other and live music go hand-in-hand – it’s believed that those who attend Glastonbury rack up an impressive 30,000 steps per day.

“Now this obviously isn’t Glasto, far from it. But it is a celebration of great music – and an exploration of how it can be inspired by the outdoors.

“If you love hiking and talented artists performing an intimate set – this is the gig for you.”

For tickets to the Off-Grid Gig, visit their website here.

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