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How to Clean and Maintain Goalkeeping Gloves

Like any piece of football gear, if not maintained and cleaned correctly, goalkeeping gloves will deteriorate. No matter how expensive or how well-made, they will suffer in terms of performance and appearance over time. Cleaning and maintenance will help significantly slow this process down.

In this article, we’ll dig a bit deeper into the cleaning and maintenance of goalkeeping gloves.


Essential Tips

Here are some no-brainer essential tips to get you started:

Before Match/Practice

The care and maintenance of your goalie gloves begin immediately before first use. Pre-wash them and let them naturally dry, in compliance with the washing instructions. The pre-wash will remove any preservatives from the manufacturing process, activate the latex, and ensure maximum grip when in use. In fact, a second pre-wash is completely warranted.

While in Use

To ensure the best grip and increase durability, don’t refrain from dampening the palms of your gloves on occasion. The reason behind this advice is that latex isn’t supposed to be dry. If you watch a pro football match, you’ll notice that the goalies often squirt water onto their gloves, sometimes even spitting on them to moisten the palms.

After Use

Naturally, after a training session or a match, the goalkeeping gloves will be in need of some maintenance. Before anything, make sure that you’ve washed them thoroughly (inside and out). Then, leave them out to dry naturally. Don’t leave them for too long, as the latex may become too brittle, which will impact a glove’s grip and durability. Some quality gloves available at Just Keepers will take a punch, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.


Washing the Gloves

Here are some general directions regarding washing your goalie gloves:

● Ideally, you’ll want to wash your gloves after use with warm water to a maximum temperature of 30º C.
● You don’t have to use a specifically-designed goalie glove cleaner, but it will do a better job of removing the dirt and filth and speed up the whole process.
● If you’ve used a glove cleaner, soak and rinse the gloves properly, ensuring that there is no cleaner left on the gloves, as it can cause damage.
● Do not machine wash your goalkeeping gloves, as this can damage them. They should be hand-washed. Use your thumb to scrub the dirt off, but don’t use too much pressure, to avoid tearing the latex. This is why using a brush/scrubber isn’t recommended here.
● Again, dry your gloves naturally. Using various artificial drying solutions (hairdryer, clothes dryer) may damage the latex and other glove materials.


Drying the Gloves

Let’s dig a bit deeper into what to avoid when it comes to drying your goalkeeping gloves. Do not dry your gloves using one of these methods:

● Tumble dryer
● Iron
● Wringing them out
● Airing cupboard
● In front of a fire
● In direct sunlight


These methods will damage the latex on your gloves by making them brittle. In fact, even when drying the gloves naturally, you shouldn’t leave them out for more than a day.


Storing the Gloves

Storage is also an important part of goalie glove maintenance. Whatever you do in terms of storing, make sure that they aren’t wet when put away.

Ideally, you’ll want to place the gloves inside a glove wallet to avoid over-drying. When doing so, make sure that the palms aren’t touching due to the adhesive latex, which may tear if left to stick for too long.

Storing your goalkeeping gloves away without properly washing them first is also not a good idea; dirt sticks.

Finally, after buying a pair of gloves, keep the thin plastic packet that each separate glove came in. When properly dried, each glove should be placed inside the packet, which provides them with a cool, dry (but not overly dry) environment.

Cleaning and Maintenance for Goalkeeping Gloves

We hope that this guide will help you prepare your gloves for a match, maintain them during play, and properly wash/dry them afterwards. Even the most expensive goalkeeping gloves will quickly deteriorate if not taken care of properly.

Follow our guidelines and enjoy your favourite pair of goalie gloves without worry. You may have to replace them at some point, but let’s try and push that moment as far back as possible.

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