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10 Best Sellers For Isolation at Expert Verdict

Spring is here and the sun is shining. It’s a nice bit of positivity amid these unprecedented times and it’s becoming the perfect opportunity to do a spot of gardening, home DIY and tidying with products from us at Expert Verdict.

To help you we’ve chosen 10 of our best sellers. They’ll help you to pass the time in a productive and purposeful way, getting you outdoors to enjoy fresh air, bird song and a bit of gentle exercise – or even a full-on workout with some major DIY.

1. SurSol™ Antibacterial Disinfectant Surface Spray

1. SurSol™ Antibacterial Disinfectant Surface SpraySursol™ is a multipurpose, anti-bacterial and anti-virus surface spray cleaner and disinfectant. *This pack contains a 500ml spray which is perfect to use around the home and a free 50ml handbag size which is ideal for when you are out and about, eg public transport, hotels and restaurants etc.Our Price £12.95

2. Boost Pure Canned Oxygen – Large 9L

2. Boost Pure Canned Oxygen - Large 9LBoost medically-pure oxygen will help boost energy and combat stress, fatigue or air pollution, and give your metabolism a kick-start when you’re training or trying to lose weight.Our Price £29.95

3. Reusable EcoEgg Bamboo Towels – Roll of 20 Sheets

3. Reusable EcoEgg Bamboo Towels - Roll of 20 SheetsKitchen roll is expensive, wasteful and extremely eco-unfriendly, so we’re all replacing ours with these amazing bamboo towels. Because they’re reusable and machine-washable, you can get up to 1700 uses from just one roll! *Buy 2 packs and save £5 – Simply add the quantity required to your basketOur Price £14.95

4. In-Growing Toenail Clippers

4. In-Growing Toenail ClippersIf you suffer from ingrowing toenails, you’ll know that ordinary nail clippers can’t get underneath your nails once they start to grow the wrong way. However, these professional grade cutters are scientifically designed to get right underneath for a clean cut. They’re also excellent for unusually hard or tough nails.Our Price £17.95

5. Cool Drop Toilet Deodoriser Odour Blocker – 3 bottles

5. Cool Drop Toilet Deodoriser Odour Blocker - 3 bottlesCool Drop toilet deodoriser is an amazing odour blocker, air freshener and loo cleaner in one. Just one or two drops create a protective layer on the surface of the water in your toilet bowl, eliminating odours before they escape into the air. *This multi-pack gives you 2 x 20ml bottles for home, plus a mini 10ml bottle for your pocket, handbag or travel bag.Our Price £9.95

6. Leak Stop

6. Leak StopFix leaks and seal cracks without having to call in an expensive specialist. Gushing gutters, leaking roofs, cracked walls, faulty drainpipes, plumbing and pipe work, even draughty windows or frost-damaged plant pots – you can seal them all in seconds using this amazing invention. NB not suitable for highly pressurised pipes.Our Price £14.95

7. Neostar Cassette to MP3 Converter

7. Neostar Cassette to MP3 ConverterOur exclusive cassette to MP3 converter turns your cherished cassettes into high quality (128k) digital MP3 files – without needing a computer! Just insert your cassette tape, pop in your USB flash drive/memory stick (not included) and press a button.Our Price £29.95

8. Pond Sludge Remover – 500ml

8. Pond Sludge Remover - 500mlThis British-made pond treatment is safe for fish, plants, birds and wildlife, yet works remarkably well. Made of concentrated, naturally-occurring bacteria, it actively breaks down and consumes all the sludge that accumulates at the bottom of your pond.Our Price £11.95

9. Sunreader Reading Glasses

9. Sunreader Reading GlassesNo need to strain your eyes or wear two pairs of specs when you read in bright sunlight. These stylish sunglasses are actually tinted reading glasses, so you can read in comfort. Ideal for holidays or reading in the garden.Our Price £12.95

10. Adjustable Pivoting Side Table

10. Adjustable Pivoting Side TableOne of the handiest occasional tables we’ve tested, this one has a top that’s fully adjustable through 90° in either direction and can also be angled for reading etc. Unlike other designs the base is shallow enough to slide beneath almost any sofa, chair or bed, so you can even use it for breakfast in bed.Our Price £29.95

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