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3 For 2 On All Single Stems at Bloom

Add graceful florals to your home with these lifelike single stems all on current offer at 3 for 2. Keep your space looking as fresh as a spring / summer’s day.

Buy a few selections and match them to the seasons, or create your own bouquet with 3 for 2 on single stems.

Hurry, while stock lasts! Here are some of of our favourites from Bloom:

Pear Tree Single Branch

Pear Tree Single BranchUnusual and intriguing, these exquisite miniature pears make a charming focal point to a sideboard, windowsill or breakfast table for an upbeat start to the day.The Price £9.00

Yellow Ranunculus Single Stem

Yellow Ranunculus Single StemTruly versatile, our yellow ranunculus stem is a great way to introduce a bit of drama to any arrangement. In vibrant yellow, this stem can bring a touch of sunshine to any arrangement.The Price £7.00

Red Carlo Rose Ball Stem

Red Carlo Rose Ball StemClassic and gorgeous throughout the year, our red Carlo Rose stem is a great way to introduce a bit of drama to every arrangement. Luxurious and boasting 4 rose heads in varying stages of opening, it is great for adding texture and volume to your floral arrangements.The Price £19.00

Pink Hibiscus Stem

Pink Hibiscus StemCreate a bold and sculptural statement with this fabulous combination of hibiscus and cirsium stems. The soft, tropical flower heads of hibiscus, with their deep magenta petals radiate out to a golden stamen, and balance out the deep red thistle heads and spikey leaves of cirsium, to perfection.The Price £7.00

Smokebush Stem

Smokebush StemA warm, brown tinged smokebush foliage stem, perfect for adding some seasonal texture to your own unique arrangements.The Price £7.00

Green Anthurium Leaf

Green Anthurium LeafRare and excitingly exotic, it’s ideal for solo display in a slim glass vase or combining with elegant palm stems for an arrangement with a definite ‘wow’ factor.The Price £12.00

Bamboo Leaf Single Stem

Bamboo Leaf Single StemEnjoy the oriental appeal that our bamboo leaves bring to your mixed arrangements. Slender, graceful and highly versatile – adding a soupcon of spicy exoticism is now so simple.The Price £9.00

Arles Almond Blossom Branch

Arles Almond Blossom BranchOur beautiful Arles Almond Blossom Branch features soft white blossoms on a botanically accurate branch.The Price £12.00

Red Poppy Stem

Red Poppy StemDisplayed alone, or to add a pop of colour to a floral arrangement, their stunning red shade will bring welcome warmth and tone. Will soften and cheer up a kitchen with clean lines, or bring joy to a bedside table.The Price £5.00

Green Birch Stem

Green Birch StemCool, fresh and clean as a Nordic forest, our green birch stem exemplifies the minimalist adage that less is more.The Price £9.00

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