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A Step-By-Step Guide to Plan an Ultimate Fantasy Wedding

Did you know that countless people plan their weddings from a very young age? If you are one of these people, you will know that the thought and effort put into designing your ultimate fantasy wedding takes a lot of work. Young girls have been flicking through wedding magazines and creating scrapbooks to gather their thoughts and ideas about their big day. A wedding day might be the most important and loving day of someone’s life, so all the planning and anticipation is worth it come the big day.

Whether they delve into examining and analysing the intricacies of a wedding planning guide or fork out a fortune for the best wedding planner in their local city, we must respect the time and effort they make. If you are looking for some extra help to make sure you’ve not missed anything, keep reading this article. We have pulled together a wonderful step-by-step guide to help you plan the ultimate fantasy wedding of your dreams.



One of the first things to consider when planning the ultimate fantasy wedding is that of a theme. Your theme will largely influence your location, catering and entertainment so it is useful to think about this before anything else. As it is your day, only you can decide what it is you want – no one else (other than your partner!). There are various wedding themes to try, but many people tend to go for the usual romance theme. Depending on how well this is pulled off, generic romantic-themed weddings are often pretty dull. So, a fantasy wedding will certainly take this one step further.

To work up a theme for your wedding, we recommend that you get a notebook and a pen and begin brainstorming all of your fantasy wedding ideas. We recommend picturing your ideal wedding in your mind and then writing down what you see or what comes to mind first. This way, we can tell what you want and help frame it into fruition. Many people choose movies to base their fantasy weddings on. Some popular ones are the wedding scenes in Twilight and Crazy Rich Asians. Having a reference to work from is useful, but make sure you include a little twist to suit you and your partner’s preferences.



Once you have chosen a theme (we recommend spending some extra time on this), you can then work up a budget. Many people spend years putting money in a savings account for their wedding day to ensure they get the ultimate fantasy dream wedding they’ve been planning. However, if you are ready to create a budget from scratch during the planning stages, there are various things to consider.

Firstly, you should aim to work out how much money you have to begin with. This will make sure you don’t overspend or plan more than what is possible in your capacity. Secondly, you should separate how much you’d like to spend on each wedding category. For example, will you be investing in transport for your guests and having an open bar for the evening? Thirdly, you should aim to track your spending as much as you can – preferably down to the last penny. This will help you keep track of how much your spending on each category and allow you to work out if one category needs more money than anticipated.


The ultimate fantasy wedding will only go well if you choose the perfect fantasy location to match. Whether it is beach or city, you need to ensure your location or venue suits your fantasy theme. When aiming to reach the ultimate fantasy level, many people tend to have their weddings in forests, botanical gardens, parks, by the sea or in a gorgeous church or cathedral. Ideally, you should choose a venue that is lovely to be in and creates a fantasy vibe. Your location should also be very impressive and act as the perfect backdrop while your guests watch you tie the knot.

To make the most of your ultimate fantasy wedding, we recommend that you visit your chosen venue in advance of your big day or afterwards to get some photos whenin your wedding outfits. If you are forking out a fortune for the perfect venue, you should aim to have a photoshoot conducted by a professional photographer who can capture a fantasy vibe. This way, you have something even more memorable than what you gather on the day.


On the topic of wedding outfits, this category is often skipped when it comes to a step-by-step guide. This is because there is no one size fits all with wedding outfits in terms of budget, style and theme so it’s usually approached with caution. However, we believe the perfect outfits will pull a fantasy wedding together. When you close your eyes and picture your dream fantasy wedding dress, what comes to mind? Usually, fantasy wedding dresses are ethereal, with beautiful colours, stunning embroidery and luxurious trails. Whimsical wedding dresses are nothing short of the highest quality and care.

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Finally, the last step we recommend when planning a fantasy wedding is the décor. Picturesque fantasy weddings often have beautiful décor, often relating to the chosen wedding theme. For example, if you have decided to opt for a forest, fairy-tale wedding, then you should choose stunning flowers, fairy lights, candlelight, draped linen and natural tableware. To ensure this is done as effectively and efficiently as possible, you can always invest in a party planner or an interior designer to bring your dreams to life. Don’t forget to show them your ideas in your notebook!

Final thoughts

As this one article cannot possibly cover every potential step you must take to plan the ultimate fantasy wedding, we have chosen what we believe to be the most important points. We recommend that you start here and move on, doing as much research and planning as possible! What fantasy theme will you choose?

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