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Best Monogrammed Baskets For Summer 2020

Here’s a curated list of top five baskets for summer. Useful for weekend jaunts, carrying essentials and ideal for storage, these baskets work all year round and are plastic free and sustainably made.

1. Evil Eye Basket £80.00

The special edition Evil Eye Basket wears the timeless icon in embroidery along with your bespoke monogram. This basket is handmade in Marrakech from all natural palm leaf and plaited leather handles. Carrying the Evil Eye basket is sure to bring positive energy.

2.Covent Garden Shoulder Basket £60.00

The most popular monogrammed straw basket features either long padded leather handles that sit comfortably on your shoulder (as shown here) or short ones for carrying in hand., It’s the perfect plastic-free shopping bag alternative but is just as useful for home storage, beach outings, a gift basket and more.

3. Southfields Basket £60.00

This is the vegan-friendly basket, made of 100% palm leaf. It sits upright neatly so it’s great for storage as well as carrying. The chunky weave wears our larger monogram fonts especially well. The embroidery moves with the stitching so the monogram will never peel or crack.

4. Brixton Basket £85.00

Handmade in Kenya by a women’s weaving collective, the Brixton Basket is made from sisal and completely plastic-free. Income from the sale of these baskets augments income from farming, which is very erratic due to drought. We love the neat shape and it comes in two handle lengths.

5. Spitalfields Bag £85.00

More a bag than a basket, but we love it so much we had to include it. The Spitalfields is make of soft silky jute with a cotton lining. It’s the biggest of all our baskets but it’s lightweight and drapes so it doesn’t feel like a big bag. It comes in great colours and wears all our monograms well.


About Initially London

All bags are found by Initially London, that was founded by Jane Wiest, an ex-New Yorker with an obsession for big bold American-style embroidered monograms. Initially London has create a new modern take on personalisation, using graphic design and a wide range of colour options. A well designed monogram becomes a personal logo.

Their curated range of classic accessories, linens and gifts for all ages are made to order in a London studio by a team of skilled embroidery and textile designers. As much as possible they use natural and sustainable fabrics such as sisal, raffia, organic cotton, canvas and leather. They design and produce many of their own lines using artisan producers and small manufacturers in Britain, Morocco, India and China, and they work with British, European and American wholesalers that we trust. In addition to embroidery, laser etching is also available on products such as scented candles, insulated bottles, cork yoga blocks and more.

Their innovative website re-creates the design experience of working with us in our showroom by allowing clients to create their monogram from over 50 font styles and thread colours. The design can be endlessly experimented with, changed and previewed on every item on our website. The result is a truly personal gift designed by you, made to order in London, accessibly priced and delivered quickly.

In addition to the retail business, they offer white label monogramming for retailers, and trade pricing for corporate clients, event planners and interior designers. They welcome bespoke enquiries and are happy to source goods or monogram clients’ own goods.

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