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Check out the Orchid Arrangements

Bloom flowers is offering a range of artificial orchids features both large and small variations.

These orchids flowers are comprised of soft silk petals and glossy leaves that allow the true beauty of the orchids to be displayed throughout your home all year.

With beautiful rich colours, shiny leaves and soft and delicate stems, these artificial flowers look and feel as realistic as the real thing.

Buy a few selections and match them to the seasons, or create your own bouquet with 3 for 2 on single stems. Here are some of of our favourites from Bloom:

Pink Orchid in White Planter

Pink Orchid in White PlanterThis precisely replicated, pink-speckled orchid emerges majestically from a mass of glossy green leaves and realistic aerial roots, supported by a delicately gnarled branch of twisted willow. ‘Growing’ forever from a white, glazed cube planter for you to display on a shelf, windowsill or side table straight out of the box. The Price £59.00

Phalaenopsis Orchid Bowl

Phalaenopsis Orchid BowlMimicking the style of some of our large Orchid arrangements, our Orchid Bowl is a fantastic way to effortlessly add some freshness into a smaller space. Presented in a classic globe vase with foliage for an added touch of authenticity. The Price £39.00

Spring Orchid in Globe Vase

Spring Orchid in Globe VaseExperience the soothing effects of our pink and yellow-tinged Phalaenopsis, or ‘Moth’, orchid. One of Japan’s most highly prized ornamental plants, and a Bloom favourite, this delicate silk interpretation is exotic, graceful and adds a touch of meditative calm to your home or office. “Growing’ in a moss-lined glass bowl.  The Price £29.00

Double Phalaenopsis Orchid in Glass Vase

Double Phalaenopsis Orchid in Glass VaseOnly nature could create something quite as lovely as an orchid. Those perfectly shaped petals, almost translucent in their delicacy. The graceful stems arching above elegant green leaves. The Price £79.00

White Hand-tied Pimlico Orchid and Lily Bouquet

White Hand-tied Pimlico Orchid and Lily BouquetBursting with a sophisticated mix of Casablanca lily, Asian phalaenopsis orchid, frilled hydrangea and anchored with the gravitas of deep green English oak leaves, its ‘pop’ of ruby berries is stylish and unashamedly attention-seeking. The Price £49.00

Geisha Freesia and Orchid Arrangement

Geisha Freesia and Orchid ArrangementBeautifully combining traditions from both East and West, this Geisha Freesia and Orchid Arrangement is a charming melange of soft pink, fushcia and purple cattleya orchids, freesias and muscari set in resin ‘water’ and presented in a graceful glass vase. The Price £99.00

Saturn Orchid Centrepiece

Saturn Orchid CentrepieceInspired by colours of the rings around Saturn, combined with astonishingly lifelike realism is what makes our new Saturn Orchid so compelling. Presented in ‘growing’ moss and in a distressed metallic planter. The Price £129.00

Black Triple Phalaenopsis Moth Orchid in Glass Bowl

Black Triple Phalaenopsis Moth Orchid in Glass BowlOur Black Triple Phalaenopsis is full of mystery and intrigue and guaranteed to be the the centre of attention, prompting the question “What a wonderfully dramatic plant. Where did you get it?”. The Price £99.00

Baccarat Phalaenopsis Orchid Arrangement

Baccarat Phalaenopsis Orchid ArrangementGuaranteed to make a statement, this deep red phalaenopsis orchid arrangement is perfect for creating a focal point in any room. Presented in a moss-lined globe vase. The Price £29.00

Petite Phalaenopsis Orchid

Petite Phalaenopsis OrchidOur Petite Phalaenopsis Orchid is demure, delicate and exquisitely elegant. The Price £89.00

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