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Dog Theft Prevention – How to Keep your Pandemic Pup Safe

Lockdown and the Affects on the Pandemic Puppy Market

If you are an avid news reader or even a casual social media user, you are probably aware that 2021 has been filled with dog thefts. In 2020, the pandemic sparked panic and business owners were forced to shut shop or found that physical premises were no longer necessary. The increase in home working was so drastic that most businesses are now implementing full-time permanent working from home environments. Talent sourcing for your company has never been easier as full office setups are being posted to employees that could now be halfway across the country.

With all this free time without traveling, lunch breaks at home, and lonely nights without friends and family visiting, people have invested in the pandemic puppy market.

This is everything you need to know about dog theft…

Puppies are being purchased during the pandemic through social media, Pets4Homes and more to lift spirits, however, prices for these pups have never been higher. Higher demand, higher price tag and therefore sadly, the higher chance of theft. DogLost, a charity that supports the victims of dog theft in the UK has reported a 170% increase in crime. In 2020 over 465 dogs were recorded lost or stolen and even celebs such as Lady Gaga have been affected by this with her two French Bulldogs being stolen.


Still thinking it’s all social media hype? Simply type #dogtheft into your social platform, visit any UK news website which is reporting on this and you will see all are reporting huge growths of pet theft. We want to make it clear that the dog thefts don’t only affect those with puppies, if your dog is an adult pedigree then it is likely that they will also be targeted and intensively bred.

“Around 12 dogs are stolen in the UK every day, according to private agency The Pet Detectives. Ran by a former police inspector, The Pet Detectives specialise in finding and recovering stolen cats and dogs.”

There are a lot of tips and tricks to lower the risk of having your best friend stolen. Firstly, think twice before leaving your pooch unattended outside of the shops. You might only nip into the grocers, butchers or local supermarket but if you leave your dog tied to the post outside then they are at risk of being pinched.

Secondly, unattended vehicles. SURE Transport’s specialty is vehicle CCTV so believe us when we say that vehicle crime is very common. Thieves won’t be put off by breaking into your vehicle if it means making money on your precious pandemic puppy.

Two in one, microchip your tail-wagger and keep a collar with an ID tag on them at all times if possible. Dogs and puppies must be microchipped by law at eight weeks old, however, you need to keep your details updated on the microchip and put a mobile number onto the collar for maximum security. Companies such as Pets at Home will have machines that will print tags for your pets’ collar.

Out for a walk? Don’t give strangers too much information. Don’t talk to locals about the time of day you go to work, whether the puppy is left on their own and what street you live on. You may think this conversation is harmless, however, it gives a thief all the information they need to target your dog when the home is unattended.

Personal attack alarms, an attack alarm could save your life and prevent your dog from being stolen. Currently, until the 31st of July 2021, they are running a 20% off promotion on a few of the alarms. SURE24 is promoting the SG390, a compact personal attack alarm whereby you squeeze the sides of the device and 120dB of sound will startle the attacker. To give you an idea of 120dB, this is similar to that of a plane taking off.


The next product is the SG800T. This is a gas-operated alarm capable of 138dB of sound, similar to a gunshot, so please be careful when using this product. The SG800T will also spray liquid from the nozzle. This liquid is not only unpleasant in smell but will also cover the attacker’s skin and clothing in an ultraviolet spray which can be later used as evidence if the police catch the criminal. (click here for the SG800T)

To get 20% off your dog theft prevention products, use code STAYSAFE20 at checkout on Sure24 website. This is limited to the SG390BK, SG390PK and SG800T.


The people of the UK have started a hugely successful UK petition. The UK petition currently has over 290,000 signatures and calls for the Government to create a specific offense for dog theft. The penalty for the thief should be 8 years of sentencing and at least a £5,000 fine. This is on the basis that people view their pets as members of their family and the current laws aren’t a reflection of this. You can sign the UK petition here.

The police are also making big changes. Nottinghamshire Police is the first force in the county to appoint a dog theft prevention specialist officer. This appointment was made to send the clear message that dog stealing will not be tolerated. These measures have been put in place in response to the uproar from the public over the course of lockdown and the huge increases in statistics.

  • “Chief Inspector Amy Styles-Jones being appointed as dog theft lead in Nottinghamshire Police.
  • A renewed focus on safety advice for owners, with new video guidance from Nottinghamshire Police’s Dog Section advising owners how to keep their pet safe.
  • A ‘Canine Coalition’ to tackle the issue, with dog welfare organisations working together to tackle the scourge of theft and demand Government action on tougher sentences. Guide Dogs for the Blind has already pledged its support.”

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