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Doglovers’ Gifts that won’t Break the Bank…

How many times have you shouted, ‘Where’s the lead?’ or shrieked, ‘Wipe his paws quick, I’ve just cleaned the floor!’. Maybe there were swear words involved too….

A gift of a Lead is always welcome and Mitts are unbeatable at quick and thorough paw cleaning – so both make great presents.

Ruff And Tumble

Made of soft fabric, Ruff and Tumble’s Clip and Slip Leads match their Drying Coats and Mitts, and are finished in leather and brass. At £15 plus P&P, they make an affordable gift for the new dog owner or dog lover.

Ruff and Tumble are proud to be the market leaders in Dog Drying Coats. The high-quality, super-absorbent, double thickness soft cotton towelling doggy dressing gowns, with their unique, practical yet stylish design, is what sets us apart from other brands. Everything made at Ruff and Tumble is designed with dogs and their owners in mind. The Dog Drying Coats, Drying Mitts, Bed Covers, Sofa Throws and Aprons are the ultimate solution for managing wet dogs. Designed with care, and made from top quality cotton towelling, the Ruff and Tumble range is simply essential for dog owners everywhere.Checkout the collection here

Posted by MaxiNews on Sunday, September 6, 2020

One-size-fits-all Drying Mitts are the best way to dry wet paws. Double thickness, absorbent and more targeted than thin towels, you’ll wonder how you ever managed before. At £18 a pair plus P&P, they make an affordable, original and essential gift that will be used every day. Above, Brick Red and Sandringham Blue Mitts, £18, and Leads, £15.

Ruff And Tumble

Drying Mitts are like long oven gloves, and protect the arms as well as the hands from dirty paws. One pair can clean three dogs’ paws or a puppy waiting to grow into a Drying Coat.

In eight colours, it’s helpful to keep pairs in the car, handbag or home, to catch those dirty paw prints in their tracks. All available on the Ruff and Tumble’s website or Amazon website.

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