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Father’s Day Gifts – Special Keepsakes

Are you able to see your dad this year for father’s day? Otherwise why not send him a beautiful unique gift to show him you are thinking of him.

My Billet Doux have unique gifts which become keepsakes and can be cherished and used for many years.

1. Send the most beautiful letter ever in one of our silk envelope cushions- you can add a trinket or something in there too.

My Billet Doux Ottoman pair of cut glasses

2. A pair of lovely glasses to savour his favourite drink is also something special that never goes out of style.

My Billet Doux, Glass Razor Silex

3. Help make his shaving morning routine extra special with our glass razors from French artist Theophile Caille. Each one is unique and so tactile.

4. Send him a beautiful graphite object- we have a gorgeous one in the shape of a sleeping dog which he would love if he has one.

My Billet Doux is a luxurious handcrafted silk cushion embellished with vintage or antique ribbons. There is a pocket to store a notebook or cards and pen that come with it or to hide your heartfelt messages. It tells a story and shares your love and affection.

My Billet Doux comes in two models; A love cushion to keep on your bed or favourite chair or an envelope cushion to send a beautiful love note, record your wedding vows or present your rings at your wedding ceremony. My Billet Doux is about gifting for a special occasion. We have included a selection of unique gifts alongside our cushions to help you find something distinctive for a loved one.

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