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Flowering Plants at Bloom

Give your decor a floral twist with an incredible range of flower bouquets. Colourful and fantastic selection of flowering plants and order the ones which will fit perfectly into your indoor or outdoor space today at Bloom.

Buy a few selections and match them to the seasons, or create your own bouquet with 3 for 2 on single stems. Here are some of our favourites from Bloom:

Empress Orchid Centrepiece

Empress Orchid CentrepieceImpressive, multi-stemmed orchid, in faux moss ‘growing’ in an oriental-style planter. Online Price £249.00

Japanese Plum Blossom Tree

Japanese Plum Blossom TreeThe dainty Japanese Plum Blossom Tree is perfectly captured in its mid-February colours, which mark the start of the magical ‘ume’, or plum blossom season. Online Price £89.00

Spring Orchid in Globe Vase

Spring Orchid in Globe VaseExperience the soothing effects of pink and yellow-tinged Phalaenopsis, or ‘Moth’, orchid. One of Japan’s most highly prized ornamental plants, and a Bloom favourite, this delicate silk interpretation is exotic, graceful and adds a touch of meditative calm to your home or office. Online Price £29.00

Double Phalaenopsis Orchid in Glass Vase

Double Phalaenopsis Orchid in Glass VaseOnly nature could create something quite as lovely as an orchid. Those perfectly shaped petals, almost translucent in their delicacy. Online Price £79.00

Petite Phalaenopsis Orchid Centrepiece

Petite Phalaenopsis Orchid CentrepieceThe Petite Phalaenopsis Orchid Centrepiece captures the timeless beauty of the orchid with subtle ivory, cream and white petals emerging from a leafy base. Online Price £89.00

Dawn Chorus Orchid Arrangement

Dawn Chorus Orchid ArrangementA celebration of sunshine, the Dawn Chorus Orchid is a fabulous way of welcoming every new day. Online Price £89.00

Saturn Orchid Centrepiece

Saturn Orchid CentrepieceInspired by colours of the rings around Saturn, combined with astonishingly lifelike realism is what makes the new Saturn Orchid so compelling. Online Price £129.00

Large Buttercup Meadow Centrepiece

Large Buttercup Meadow CentrepieceGolden buttercups, delicate foliage, ferns, asters and mini thistles jostle for attention in this fairy-tale, tabletop pasture. Online Price £129.00

Potted White Lavender Plant

Potted White Lavender PlantUnusual, sophisticated and rare white lavender; least known of all English lavenders, but just a perfect as its purple cousins. Muted, white flowers hover on long spikes above deep green foliage. Online Price £15.00

Bronze Plant Collection

Bronze Plant CollectionDemonstrating the pleasing impact of ‘grouping’ plants, Tiffany has selected the shapes and forms of Potted Kangaroo Paw, an Orange Bronze Orchid and a glowing Maple Bonsai to create the Bronze Plant collection. Online Price £127.00

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