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Flowers For Your Long-distant Loved One

Long distance relationships have become a very common things these days with your partners and significant others being miles apart from you but still deeply in love with you as well. To sustain long distance relationships is a very difficult task because misunderstandings tend to grow easier and take a lot from you to fix them. But, it is not impossible to keep the love alive and you can always keep that spark lit with a lot of things that you can easily have access to. Gifts are the best way of keeping your other halves reminded of your life and that gift can be anything from a Black Leather Jacket to a Top Gun Jacket but the best gifts you can gift to speak of love is a flower which is an epitome of care and depict your feelings the best. Flowers always speak for love and if you gift someone a flower, they will always smell your feelings in the fragrance of the flowers and so they are definitely something you should be prioritizing while planning to give something to your long distant beloved. Following are the 7 types of flowers which we think symbolize love in different ways and could be given to signify your pure feelings:



Since forever, roses are undoubtedly the first flower you think of when someone is talking about love. Red roses are the always sought after when someone wishes to be gifted a flower but you can always use different colors to express the difference of emotions you feel when in love with your partner. You can use pink to describe the unconditional love you feel of, Top Gun Jacket white to define the purity of your feelings and yellow to speak for your passion. You can also contrast different colors but red has to be a constant rose in the bouquet if you are talking of love.


When you talk about anniversary celebration, the first flowers you think of is carnation and they are mostly available in pink, red and white colors where red definitely speaks for the depth in love, pink for your undying feels and white for the pureness and serenity in your affection. A bouquet of all three of them combined with is the most beautiful gift you can give to your long distant partner on your anniversary where the scent of these flowers will stay with them forever even after the flowers die.


A symbol of your devotion in achieving a forever lifetime with your significant other who is miles apart, lilies are the most beautiful and nicely scented flowers you can give to your partner to submit to the beauty of your girl, admire her innocence and show your care. You can also mix them up with different flowers like roses, orchids and so many more to show the rawness and originality of your feelings.


After the roses, tulips are the second most romantic flowers ever and surprisingly they are gaining much popularity among the millennial lot. They are available in a lot of different colors which can all be used to show the variety of your emotions and feelings. Where white speaks for the worthiness and purity, red definitely speaks for unconditional love and purple for the royalty in your feelings. Based on how you are feeling at that moment, you can gift any color of tulip and it will collectively reflect your love and care.


Since the gerbera daisies last long, they are used to reflect the long lasting bond people are sharing and it is used to symbolize that. Available in pretty and captivating colors like pink, orange, white, peach and red, each one of them stands for different emotions you feel and together if contained in a bouquet, they can turn out to be a great gift for your long distant partner who is unable to see different emotions you have for him/her and would be delighted to feel them with the fragrance of these beautiful daisies.


Although blue iris flowers aren’t the ones opted mostly but if you really think of your love and the feeling you both share as unique, these are the best flowers you can gift. With a beautiful fragrance, these wonderfully blue colored flowers are an epitome of royalty and are meant to freshen you up and your mood if do nothing. The color is superbly unique when it comes to normal flowers and so it exhibits the difference in your emotion and how your love for your partner varies with everyone else.


Last but not the least, the beautifully smelling orchids which are known for their scent across the world signifies the immortality in your feelings and your everlasting love. They are available in limited colors such as purple, red, white and pink but each colors speaks for itself and definitely has a different fragrance. You can make pair of two colors to contain them in a bouquet for instance you can use red and white orchids to show how pure and in depth is your love or you can use purple and white flowers to show the purity in the royalty of your emotions.

In conclusion, flowers are things that will remain special for love in any generation and is a gift of nature that helps you bloom your love and always keep it alive. No matter the occasion, it is always the best gift and will always be cherished.

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