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Green Plants You’ll Love For Your Home at Bloom

If you are looking for low maintenance, long-lasting plants that are on trend, then you have come to the right place.

The lifelike artificial flowers and plants don’t smell like the real thing, but they’ll give your home a real boost. They never wilt and look fresh year after year.

And if you keep a few silk flowers stored away, you can change them up with the seasons or brighten up a room anytime you want.

Check out Plant options from Bloom, available for Free delivery on orders over £60 for a limited time.

Tall Evergreen Foliage Arrangement

Tall Evergreen Foliage ArrangementThe evergreen foliage arrangement you can change with every season. This attractive foliage arrangement contains pre-arranged greenery, ideal for mixing with your favourite single stems throughout the year. Presented in a tall glass vase and set in resin water for an authentic ‘freshly picked’ feel. The Price £89.00

4ft Potted Grass

4ft Potted GrassOur 4ft potted ornamental grass is so realistically soft, you can almost feel the seeds falling into your hands. Everlasting and easy to care for, this variety boasts fluffy, brown seed heads nestling atop long reed grass fronds. The Price £79.00

Cactus Garden

Cactus GardenA little piece of exotica from ‘South of the border’, compromised entirely of different varieties of artificial cacti this is the perfect way of bringing some of the South American landscape into your home. The Price £35.00

Mixed Green Hanging Basket

Mixed Green Hanging BasketA cascading collection of mixed foliage, blurring the barriers between indoors and outdoors is a stylish way to create a more relaxed living space. The Price £49.00

Potted schefflera plant

Potted schefflera plantKnown as the ‘Umbrella Tree’ because of its elegant elongated leaves, the Schefflera can grow as tall as four metres. The Price £99.00

Green Peperomia Plant Garden

Green Peperomia Plant GardenThis handsome garden of Pereromia Plant varieties is a delicious jungle of dark, luxuriant green and peppered purple foliage. Presented in a moss-lined glass pot it is idea to display in the corner of a conservatory, on a kitchen countertop, bedside table or bathroom windowsill. The Price £59.00

Petite Potted Succulent Plant

Petite Potted Succulent PlantThe appealing shape of these petite potted succulent plants makes them popular display pieces in chic homes across the country. Perfect on their own, but better in a stylish group of 3 or more. Presented in a grey garden pot. The Price £14.00

Large Mixed Palm Planter

Large Mixed Palm PlanterOur Large Mixed Palm Planter is every inch a Green Giant: whether it is jolly or not is up to you to decide! Tall, cool and very much in vogue, it’s a handsome melange of lofty palms, graceful ferns and a zebra plant. The Price £169.00

Evergreen Big and Bold Begonia Plant

Evergreen Big and Bold Begonia PlantOur evergreen Begonia Plant is designed to give an impactful, fresh and contemporary look. Was £149.00 Now £74.50

Short Potted Grass in Faux Bamboo Planter

Short Potted Grass in Faux Bamboo PlanterSerene, tranquil and contemplative – our elegant, arching grass has a wonderfully calming effect and looks perfect when displayed in our faux bamboo planter. Ideal for freshening up a kitchen, hallway or sideboard. The Price £49.00

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