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We bring you this week’s best sellers you won’t want to miss, there’s something for everyone with free delivery on all orders over £60 here at Bloom.

Grand Phalaenopsis Orchid Centrepiece

Grand Phalaenopsis Orchid CentrepieceThose exquisite phalaenopses are so incredibly realistic that everyone will assume you’re a green-fingered genius. Unless you tell them otherwise… Online Price £159.00

Double Phalaenopsis Orchid in Glass Vase

Double Phalaenopsis Orchid in Glass VaseThis new classic double phalaenopsis. Gracing its surroundings wherever it’s placed in your home, it will also make a wonderful gift – if you can bear to part with it. Online Price £79.00

Saturn Orchid Centrepiece

Saturn Orchid CentrepieceInspired by colours of the rings around Saturn, combined with astonishingly lifelike realism is what makes the new Saturn Orchid so compelling. Online Price £129.00

Large Mixed Palm Planter

Large Mixed Palm PlanterThe Large Mixed Palm Planter is every inch a Green Giant: whether it is jolly or not is up to you to decide! Tall, cool and very much in vogue, it’s a handsome melange of lofty palms, graceful ferns and a zebra plant. Online Price £169.00

Ikebana Orchid Arrangement

Ikebana Orchid ArrangementIt’s lovely, isn’t it – the ikebana arrangement. But there’s more to this exquisite form of flower arranging than immediately meets the eye. Ikebana – meaning ‘way of the gods’ in Japanese – is inextricably linked to Shinto – an off-shoot of Buddhism – which was brought to Japan more than seventeen centuries ago. Online Price £129.00

Lusong Orchid Arrangement

Lusong Orchid ArrangementThe Lusong Orchid Arrangement captures the lovliest of phalaenopsis at the peak of its beauty. Presented arranged with exotic leaves and twisted willow stems in a white glazed stoneware vase. Online Price £89.00

Orange Potted Vanda Orchid

Orange Potted Vanda OrchidIf there’s one colour that captures the essence of autumn it has to be the wonderfully rich, complex burnt orange shade of this vanda orchid. Online Price £69.00

Petite Iris Germanica Arrangement

 Petite Iris Germanica ArrangementNot quite enough room for the fabulous Iris germanica centrepiece? This pretty petite version gives you the same stunning shades and sculptural impact in less than half the space. Online Price £69.00

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