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Natural & Sustainable African Handwoven Baby Moses Baskets at Cosy Coco

Cosy Coco is an e-commerce business based in the UK specialising in African home decor and lifestyle products.

Their colourful range of baby moses baskets are the perfect accessory for soon to be mums, offering a natural and sustainably made basket for their new borns. They come in a variety of different colours and designs making them truly unique and eye catching.

Cosy Coco

The baskets are handwoven by weavers in rural villages in Ghana, West Africa using locally grown Veta Vera grass which grows abundantly in that area without the use of pesticides. The grass is dyed using natural colourants such as plants, minerals and non-toxic fabric dyes to create the vibrant colours. Goat’s leather is sometimes used to cover the basket handles to add to their rustic look. Each basket can take up to 3/4 days to make due to the intricate weaving process.

The traditional weaving skills of these villagers have been passed down through generations with both men and women learning the techniques. It offers families an alternative source of income during the months where farming is not possible. Cosy Coco’s founder, Noémie, travels to these remote communities to meet the artisans and to design the collections. By working directly with the weaving communities Noémie is able to purchase in line with fair trade helping to maintain sustainable livelihoods for the weavers and their families.

Cosy Coco

Each basket comes with a custom fit microfibre mattress, PVC slip and organic cotton sheet. Cosy Coco offers free UK shipping on all moses baskets. International shipping is also available. The baskets are the perfect keepsake, which can be used for younger siblings or as storage for children’s items, linens etc once the baby has outgrown the bassinet.

Due to their handmade nature the baskets vary in size between 70-79cm length and 38-40cm width. They are available to purchase at and retail for £137.50.

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