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Outback Tails Launches New Grooming Range Inspired By The Australian Outback And A Beloved Companion

Outback Tails, a leading Australian dog accessories company renowned for their commitment to Indigenous art, environmental sustainability, quality and contemporary design, proudly announces the launch of its latest innovation, the Outback Tails Grooming Range.

Founder and Creative Director, Jessica Knight was inspired by the resilience and spirit of her Golden Retriever, Bonnie, who faced a severe autoimmune disorder. Witnessing Bonnie’s need for a toxin-free lifestyle to maintain her health and vitality ignited a journey to craft the perfect grooming solution tailored to her delicate needs.

Outback Tails introduces a trio of exclusive grooming products meticulously formulated with natural ingredients and infused with the essence of the Australian outback.

Outback Tails

The Outback Tails Grooming Range features:

  • Natural Dog Wash (RRP: $34.99)
  • Natural Dog Conditioner (RRP: $34.99)
  • Paw & Skin Repair (RRP: $22.99)

Outback Tails

Drawing upon the rich biodiversity of the Australian landscape, the Outback Tails Grooming Range prioritises effectiveness, natural ingredients, and the healing properties of native flora.

Infused with botanical wonders such as Finger Lime, Paperbark Oil, Kakadu Plum, Tasmanian Pepper Berry, and Native Bush Mint, these products offer a gentle yet effective alternative to harsh chemicals, catering to the delicate needs of our furry companions.

Outback Tails

“We are thrilled to introduce our new Grooming Range, which represents a culmination of our dedication to pet wellness, environmental sustainability, and celebration of Australian native flora,” said Jessica Knight, Founder and CEO of Outback Tails.

“Each product is a testament to our commitment to providing pet owners with high-quality grooming solutions that honour the natural beauty of our land and the wellbeing of our beloved pets.”

Natural Dog Wash (RRP: $34.99)

Outback Tails

Natural Dog Wash (RRP: $34.99): Infused with Australian Native Lime & Paperbark, this wash offers a deep cleanse and nourishment, leaving behind a fresh-smelling coat. The addition of Australian nerolina bark essence provides soothing relief for even the most sensitive skin irritations.

Natural Dog Conditioner (RRP: $34.99)

Outback Tails

Enriched with Kakadu Plum and Australian White Clay, this conditioner enhances hair follicles and controls oil production, resulting in a soft, glossy coat.

Paw & Skin Repair (RRP: $22.99)

Outback Tails

Formulated with Tasmanian Pepper Berry and Native Bush Mint, this treatment offers relief for dry, irritated skin and paws. Jojoba oil and olive oil work together to nourish and ease itchiness.

Natural Dog Grooming Kit (RRP: $79.95)

Outback Tails

Outback Tails is a proudly Australian, dog-loving company with a passion for quality, contemporary design, natural ingredients and great stories that we love to share. In Australia, our four-legged mates matter.

Be it beloved mongrels sprawled under the shady gum trees of an indigenous community; hardworking blue healers mustering cattle on an outback farm; or pampered pooches snoozing in the sun on a suburban porch. Dogs have always been an essential part of our story. Just like they’re part of yours.

Outback Tails is honoured to showcase the unique artworks and Jukurrpa (Dreaming) stories of talented indigenous artist Pauline Napangardi Gallagher. With thanks, we give a percentage of proceeds back to her community in the Northern Territory.

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