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Perfect Christmas Tree’s To Complement Your Style At Bloom

Decorate your home with these beautifully designed flowers with Bloom.

We bring you this week’s top sellers, these will make a lovely feature in any room, a beautiful way to bring life to your interiors with free delivery on all orders over £60 at Bloom and Free Delivery for orders over £100 with Code – JA66!

Shop Blooms Christmas Trees and Make a perfect gift this Christmas.

7ft Pre-Lit Christmas Tree

7ft Pre-Lit Christmas TreeDo Christmas tree lights have a secret life of their own? No matter how carefully you put them away after 12th Night, the following year they’ve managed to twist and bunch themselves into an infuriating tangle.Online Price £249.00

Cotswold LED tree

Cotswold LED treeThere’s no need to dream of a white Christmas this year. Place this petite frosted Cotswold LED fir tree in your living room, on a mantelpiece or window sill, switch on and watch it sparkle with twinkling LEDs.Online Price £19.00

Pencil Pine Christmas Tree

Pencil Pine Christmas TreeShort on space but big on Christmas spirit? Everything you love about our realistic Bloom Christmas trees, but narrower and designed to fit smaller spaces. Our Pencil Pine Tree is just 30cm in diameter, yet stands at an impressive 1.7m tall.Online Price £35.00

Spruce Pine Christmas Tree

Spruce Pine Christmas TreeOur Spruce Pine Christmas Tree is designed for smaller spaces and is just 60cm in width, whilst still standing a full 2m (6 1/2 feet) tall.Online Price £59.00

2ft Candian Pine Christmas Tree

2ft Candian Pine Christmas TreeSmall is beautiful – that’s what they say – and our 2ft Canadian Pine Christmas Tree proves it.Online Price £19.00

Coastal LED Christmas Tree

Coastal LED Christmas TreeOur eco-Coastal LED Christmas Tree is packed with contemporary charm – perfect for a place by the sea, or for blowing a breath of fresh air into an urban home. Like winter sun at low tide, shades of pink catch the light and mingle with natural, washed driftwood and pine cones.Online Price £35.00

Woven Tree Skirt – Large

Woven Tree Skirt - LargeThere are two finishing touches to the perfect Christmas tree: the star on the top and this ‘skirt’ around the base. It looks like a traditional wicker-work basket (and is crafted in the same way) but the bottom is left open so the tree stands firmly on the floor.Online Price £49.00

3ft LED Illuminated Willow Tree

3ft LED Illuminated Willow TreeBring a graceful elegance to a room with this enchanting, golden LED light tree. The beautiful willow design is enhanced by warm white lights that seem to cascade down the branches.Online Price £59.00

Pine Tree Scent

Pine Tree ScentOf course, straight from the forest, pine trees have a wonderful fresh astringent smell. Nothing like the cloying odour associated with disinfectants, it’s light and clean, redolent of cold northern forests.Online Price £7.00

Small Snowflake Tree

Small Snowflake TreeCreate a fresh white winter display with this minimalistic filigree Wooden Snowflake Tree. Each branch layer is a perfectly perceived snowflake, tapering in size to a star-crowned apex.Online Price £19.00

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