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Summer 2021 Staycation Essential!

Heating & Plumbing London is a tongue-in-cheek brand that creates playful and tactile lifestyle accessories. The majority of our products are made in the British Isles. We believe that gift-buying should be an inspiring experience, and so everything we create is with a strong sense of fun, without forgetting usability & high-attention to quality. Shipping Worldwide.

The brand is launching at Harrods and Selfridges in the UK and has been present at Globus department store in Switzerland since 2020 and has always been available online at Amazon UK website.

Heating & Plumbing London

A summer staycation is all about enjoying the great outdoors in all its glory. Lazy sunny days in the garden or in the countryside; trips to the beach; hikes in the forest; and rambles to explore the surroundings are just some of the outdoor activities that make a staycation unforgettable.

This year we want to help you make it extra comfortable & stylish! Nothing makes a day as enjoyable when out exploring as having a picnic or a nap. Or both! This is where the Heating & Plumbing London’s collection of British Picnic Blankets come in really handy; in the back of the car, hooked on a bicycle or a backpack. All the picnic blankets are double-layered, with soft pure new wool on the top side and a waterproof base layer which means taking nap or having a picnic is going to be dry and super comfy this staycation!

Discover the collection of over 20 British Picnic Blankets with waterproof backing. RRP: £125.00. The throws with their traditional fringe and the colourful leather carrying straps are both Made in the UK. 100% Pure new Wool with 100% Polyester Backing Size: 145 x 183cm. All are machine washable on wool cycle and don’t forget worldwide shipping.

Summer 2021 Staycation Essential!

Heating & Plumbing London creates beautiful lifestyle accessories to keep you warm, dry & cosy. No matter what’s going on in your busy life or how the weather might surprise you, our colourful designs and touchy-feely materials will bring back a smile to your face and a spring in your step. The idea of the brand came about on a chilly day in November 2016, whilst strolling along the Thames. The day turned out to be colder than expected and we started longing for a cosy fireplace, warm blankets and snug socks. And, just as it began raining, a heating & plumbing van parked in front of us, and voilà: the brand was born. STORY. Hello, We are Brij & Franck. We are Heating & Plumbing London. We stumbled across each other in Manhattan back in 2001. A small disclaimer before we move on, that neither of us are really into fixing heaters or unblocking drains, but when we came across the name we fell in love with it. Across many adventures and career changes, we finally put our heart and soul into creating Heating & Plumbing London. This way, Brij can indulge in his obsession of fine-looking socks to his heart’s content. Brij was born in India and grew up in England, and Franck is from Brittany in France. We come from two very unique places with a strong tradition of craft and we decided to make London our home. Heating & Plumbing London was born out of our love for beautifully crafted, comfy & cosy products that have a life beyond one single use, fad or fashion, and as both of us are creatures of habit, we value things that gently fit into our daily routine and become part of our life. We are out to do the same for you with Heating & Plumbing London. Longevity and everyday beauty defines all our products, which are all lovingly made in the UK or France.

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