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The Oriental Style Collection at Bloom

The elegant oriental style would make a lovely feature in any room. These arrangements come as an excellent alternative to growing and maintaining real plants, a beautiful way to bring life to your interiors.

Shop the beautiful collection at Bloom today with free delivery on all orders over £60.

Camellia Flowering Bonsai

Camellia Flowering BonsaiPrecious things come in small packages – as this enchanting flowering bonsai illustrates. Exquisite, jewel-like and totally absorbing, she’s ‘growing’ through a bed of moss in a glazed oriental-style planter Online Price £49.00

Empress Orchid Centrepiece

Empress Orchid CentrepieceThis stunning new Empress Orchid. Extravagant, magnificent – a true monarch among orchids – it’s multi-stemmed, rooted in faux moss and ‘growing’ in a handsome, oriental-style planter. Online Price £249.00

Double Phalaenopsis Orchid in Glass Vase

Double Phalaenopsis Orchid in Glass VaseOnly nature could create something quite as lovely as an orchid. Those perfectly shaped petals, almost translucent in their delicacy. The graceful stems arching above elegant green leaves. Online Price £79.00

Orange Potted Vanda Orchid

Orange Potted Vanda OrchidIf there’s one colour that captures the essence of autumn it has to be the wonderfully rich, complex burnt orange shade of this vanda orchid. It’s almost as if the flowers had been steeped in sunshine and left to marinate over the summer. Online Price £69.00

4ft Potted Grass

4ft Potted GrassThe 4ft potted ornamental grass is so realistically soft, you can almost feel the seeds falling into your hands. Everlasting and easy to care for, this variety boasts fluffy, brown seed heads nestling atop long reed grass fronds. Online Price £79.00

Woodland Fern Garden Centrepiece

Woodland Fern Garden CentrepieceOverflowing with mixed ferns, cobra lillies and flowering succulents, evocative of a summer woodland. Online Price £159.00

Dawn Chorus Orchid Arrangement

Dawn Chorus Orchid ArrangementA celebration of springtime, the Dawn Chorus Orchid is a fabulous way of welcoming the new season. A lovely contrast between the soft yellow petals and pink centre, this arrangement is one that will add some sunshine into that empty space in your home. Online Price £89.00

Geisha Freesia and Orchid Arrangement

Geisha Freesia and Orchid ArrangementBeautifully combining traditions from both East and West, this Geisha Freesia and Orchid Arrangement is a charming melange of soft pink, fushcia and purple cattleya orchids, freesias and muscari set in resin ‘water’ and presented in a graceful glass vase. Online Price £99.00

4ft Potted Bamboo Tree

4ft Potted Bamboo TreeIdeal for adding vertical interest wherever floor space is limited and creating a calming, peaceful ambiance. Online Price £85.00

Japanese Plum Blossom Tree

Japanese Plum Blossom TreeThe dainty Japanese Plum Blossom Tree is perfectly captured in its mid-February colours, which mark the start of the magical ‘ume’, or plum blossom season. Online Price £89.00

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