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Valentine’s Gifts – with the Mineheart touch

Let’s shake things up a little this Valentine’s Day. Swap the jewellery and chocolates for something a little more Mineheart.

The idea behind Mineheart is to create a playground for creativity and adventure, where fantasy meets design, and dreams meet industry. They try to inject a sense of wonder into everyday objects and the spaces around us, telling stories and creating objects that are far from ordinary, they must be extraordinary in order to meaningfully exist. Within the Mineheart wonderland, everyday objects that include wallpaper, wall art, lighting furniture and home accessories, are more than just functional, they contain stories, love, art and poetry

We’ve curated some of our most coveted items into a special Valentine’s Gifts collection. Like us, it’s a little eclectic! That’s the Mineheart way- unique items for unique people. Here are some favourite Valentine’s Day gift ideas.

Art to make your loved one smile


We’re all spending Valentine’s Day at home, so brighten up your walls with something special…

Poetry Plates and Ceramics


Explore the range of ceramics. A sweet and thoughtful option is our Poetry Plate complete with handwritten love sonnet. How romantic to see a little declaration of love while buttering your toast. Or choose from our eclectic animal ornaments – you won’t find these anywhere else.

Soft lighting…

Candlelit dinners are a must for Valentine’s Day.
Our candles are luxurious in both looks and scent.

For a different twist on romantic lighting, how about the flirtatious eyes of Audrey and Marilyn lamps? Choose from a wall light, small pendant lampshade or table lamp.

Cushions, bags, scarves…


Add a little luxury with sumptuous cushions, 100% recycled laptop and clutch bags or exclusive silk scarves.


For more gift ideas for your Valentine, see Mineheart website.

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