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Wall Art Company Collaborate with Artists Around the Globe

Azutura has partnered with over 100 artists, designers, illustrators and photographers from around the world to create a series of wall murals and stickers that feature their incredible artwork.

Durham, UK -Today, Azutura announced they have partnered with creatives from around the globe to turn their artwork into wall murals and stickers. Not only has this allowed them to create beautiful products for both adults and children, but the creatives also profit from every sale featuring their work which is now sold on a global platform.

Due to the large number of creatives Azutura is working with, there’s a huge choice of different types of art for customers to choose from. Photographs, illustrations, graphic design, typography, painting, collages, digital art and many more are all available.

“We’re so excited to be working with creatives from around the globe! We’re already collaborating with over 100 artists with more joining each day, giving us a chance to broaden our amazing selection of art.”

– Azutura Artist Liaison, David Atkinson.

Each mural is perfect for adding a touch of style to a home or a business no matter the interest.

Azutura is lucky enough to work with some talented and well-known creatives including David Redon, Andy Tuohy, Famous When Dead and many more.

Azutura Wall Paper

Artist murals are usually priced at £40.00 per square meter but they’re currently running a huge 50% off sale on everything on their site.

Orders ship worldwide with next day delivery available within the UK.

Types of wall art:

  • Wall Murals – Wallcovering for full walls or a section, available in paste the wall or peel and stick
  • Wall Stickers – Digitally printed wall sticker for a section of a wall that’s adhered directly to the wall
  • Wall Sticker Prints – Wall sticker with the appearance of a print or poster that’s applied directly to the wall

Thanks to the flexibility of these products, Azutura’s art is perfect for a huge number of styles, easily fitting into any home, no matter what the interior design style. Each type of wall art comes with a quality guarantee ensuring every customer is happy with their wall art.

“If you’re a creative looking to sell their artwork to customers around the globe, please contact us using our website. It’s free of charge and means you avoid the production cost of creating your own products. This is an opportunity that can’t be missed!”

– Azutura Owner, John Wright.

Stickers and murals currently have 50%. All products are made to order so prices will vary.

Azutura is a UK based wall mural and wall sticker manufacturer. They create leading quality products that are made to order by an in-house production team. Azutura works with a huge selection of artists including photographers, illustrators, designers and painters to create their on of a kind products.

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