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Escaping to the 1950s provided the perfect antidote to Covid for best selling crime author, Pauline Rowson

Escaping to the 1950s was the perfect antidote to turbulent Covid times for crime author

It’s time to step up to the plate -The World’s Simplest Solution to Save the Planet

The once lush and fertile regions of the cradle of civilisation became desert long before fossil fuels were being used, as Glen Merzer points out in his new book, Food Is Climate.

One Of London’s Longest Standing Michelin Star Restaurant Reveals Its Secrets Ahead Of Its 30th Annniversary…

AN ICONIC UK restaurant, the favourite haunt of everyone from rock musicians to Hollywood superstars, is sharing its story and its secrets, ahead of its 30th anniversary.

Competing for the lowest price is the worst decision you can make during times of Crisis

Businesses wanting to compete in an ever-changing market should focus on their image rather than their price, according to new research from Nyenrode Business University.

New book aims to improve the resolution of NHS conflicts and complaints

A new guide for HR, managers, and leaders will help resolve tensions within the NHS.

President of Saladmaster, Ayo Olaseinde, Hits Amazon Best-Seller List with “Pay It Forward”

Ayo Olaseinde joined Brian Tracy along with a select group of professionals around the world to co-write the book, Pay It Forward

All the Things Brits Love About Bojo

This book presents you with a comprehensive list of all the things Brits truly love about BoJo.

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