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Urgent call to end ‘injustice’ of energy price cap loophole for hundreds of thousands of UK consumers

Hundreds of thousands of UK residents could face soaring energy bills due to a loophole that means they are not protected by a price cap.

44% of UK Households are Worried They’ll Have to Foot the Bill for Net Zero

The government is planning to phase out gas boilers in the UK, forcing homeowners to switch to an alternative heat source that’s better for the environment.

The O2 is the world’s first venue to trial innovative Alpha 311 wind turbines

The O2 in London has become the first venue in the world to install ground-breaking wind turbines.

Smart homes are the future! The 411 on smart lights.

A smart light bulb contains a small chip that enables it to be controlled remotely by your smartphone. Light at your finger tips!

Quiet Renewable Energy with Quiet Mark Certified Heat Pumps

Developers will be obliged to fit air or ground-source heat pumps in new homes as part of the government’s bid to cut carbon emissions and make us all more energy-efficient.

How Brits are boosting their Energy Levels with a £25 ‘Dot’

Benefits reported by customers using energydots include improved energy levels, concentration, sleep and mood, along with reduced headaches, stress, anxiety and fatigue.

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